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Drying Tube Jointed
$19.98 – $26.98
Drying Tube Jointed, along with effectively protecting moisture-sensitive apparatus, are equipped with two ground glass joints for easy integration into assorted glassware. They ensure the effective removal of moisture, contributing...
Claisen Still Head Adapter
$39.98 – $44.98
The Claisen Still Head Adapter is an essential piece of laboratory distillation equipment, often used in organic chemistry. This adapter facilitates the connection of various glass components, allowing for numerous...
Still Head Plain 280mm
An essential piece of distillation apparatus, a Still Head Plain 280mm in length is used for purifying and isolating liquids. Its design enables a range of configurations when fitted with...
Flow control adapters with a PTFE stopcock are frequently employed in laboratories for exact control of liquid flow. The PTFE stopcock offers chemical resistance and an undemanding operation due to...
Distillation Still Head Hose Connection
The Distillation Still Head Hose Connection is an essential element in the distillation process of laboratory applications. Its hose connection attaches easily to condensers and other distillation equipment, allowing the...
U Bend Glass Connecting Adapter Distilling Tube Cone Joints
The U Bend Glass Connecting Adapter Distilling Tube Cone Joints is essential for laboratory distillation setup assembly, mainly used to secure connections between components in distillation systems, such as condensers,...
Extension Adapters 180mm
Socket24/29 to Socket24/29Socket24/40 to Socket24/40Socket24/29 to Cone24/29
$29.98 – $39.98
Extension Adapters are a vital part of laboratory glassware, connecting two components together to create increased lengths and reach during experimentation. They are effective experiments that require greater extension, facilitating...
Warming Coil Adapter B24 Joint
A Warming Coil Adapter B24 Joint is vital in lab applications that require precise heating of materials. Through its coil design, heated fluids or gases can flow through it to...
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