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Urine Sample Containers/Jars, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$7.98 – $10.98
Urine Sample Containers/Jars Polypropylene are highly beneficial for clinical and diagnostic use, for gathering and transferring urine specimens for testing. These containers guarantee leak-proof, sample preservation and sterile conditions during...
Sample Containers/Jars, Sterilized, Snap Cap, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$29.98 – $84.98
Sample Container Jars Sterilized Snap Cap Polypropylene rigorously sterilize and secure storage while safeguarding sample integrity. Chemical resistance makes these containers ideal for a variety of purposes such as sampling,...
Dissecting Dish Aluminium
A Dissecting Dish Aluminium is highly durable and suitable for a range of applications. The wax repels most solutions, facilitating an easy rinse and discard procedure. It reliably affixes T pins. Aluminium...
Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout
The Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout, a common device used in laboratory experiments, is specifically designed to showcase principles related to the displacement of various liquids, including water. This apparatus...
Shelf Trolley and Accessory
$15.60 – $494.00
Shelf Trolley and Accessory is a mobile storage unit with shelves and attachments to organize, transport, and store equipment, samples, or supplies. It is versatile for use in different lab...
Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile
6 Wells12 Wells24 Wells48 Wells96 Wells
$128.70 – $260.00
The Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile contains a plastic or glass plate with several wells, specifically created for cell cultures. Each well is designed to maintain a sterile environment, allowing...
Foldable Crate
A Foldable Crates is an invaluable resource for scientists and laboratories, providing efficient and flexible storage solutions for the transport and organization of laboratory supplies and materials. Featuring foldable and...
Bottle Carrier Plastic Coated
Bottle Carrier Plastic Coated serves a vital role in the secure handling and movement of liquid specimens and reagents. Providing a secure base for a variety of laboratory flask sizes,...
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