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Natural Rubber Stoppers
$0.38 – $20.69
Solid natural rubber stoppers are chemical resistant, making them extra robust and works well with all Test tubes, Flasks and Erlenmeyer. Available in a wide range of sizes. Also, available...
Pipette Rubber Filler Bulbs
$1.98 – $9.48
Pipette Rubber Filler Bulbs provide a convenient and precise solution for the handling of liquid samples. The three-valve system controls suction and release of liquids, contributing to accurate and reproducible...
Magnetic Stirring Bar PTFE
$6.30 – $75.98
PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bar, Stirrer Follower with Pivot Magnetic Stir Bar, as the name suggests is used as the stirring device, in conjunction with a hotplate/magnetic stirrer. These are ideal for...
Silicone Tubing
$10.98 – $59.98
Silicone Tubing is highly pliable, so can be easily arranged and adjusted, conveying liquids and gases without obstruction. The strong silicone material is resilient to high and low temperatures, meaning...
Rubber Green Tubing 8mm ID, 3.5mm Wall Thickness 1 meter -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$11.98 $5.98
Pressure Green Rubber Tubing: Rubber Tubing (for high pressure) comes with 3.5mm wall thickness and 8mm ID. This tubing is ideal to be used with most lab Burners or for any filtration...
Pipette Silicone Filler Bulbs
$6.98 – $29.48
Pipette Silicone Filler Bulbs are laboratory tools designed to ensure efficiency and accuracy when handling liquid solutions. By allowing for flexible, durable, and airtight performance during aspiration, these bulbs enable...
Rubber Pipette Filler Bulb, 3 Valve -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
This ingenious device has three Valves in them.  They are very easy-to-operate and are an economical solution for safely filling pipettes. The correct procedure for filling a pipette is to...
Rubber Adapter Filtration Flask
250ml/500ml1L/2L Flask5L Flask
$7.98 – $19.98
The Rubber Adapter Filtration Flask is an essential piece of lab equipment for filtration. It consists of a rubber adapter firmly attached to the neck of a filtration flask, providing...
Silicone Adapters Filtering Flask
Vacuum Silicone Adapters: Ideal for Filtration Flask Vacuum Kit. VACUUM SILICONE ADAPTERS to FIT Various sizes Filtration Flasks UPTO 5000ML: 7Pcs/Set
Vacuum Rubber Adapters
Natural Rubber Adapters: Ideal for Filtration Flask Vacuum Kit. VACUUM RUBBER ADAPTERS to FIT Various sizes Filtration Flasks UPTO 5000ML : 7Pcs/Set
Detachable PTFE Key Stopcocks
$21.98 – $24.98
Detachable PTFE Key Stopcocks provide precise regulation of liquid flow throughout laboratory instruments and systems. Constructed of chemically inert PTFE, these stopcocks offer superior corrosion resistance and are ideal for...
Inflatable Rubber Pressurisation Bladders
Inflatable rubber bladders are made of high-grade natural latex rubber and used for pressurising dewars in the transfer of liquid helium or other gases. They Could also be used as...
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