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Kipps Apparatus Glass
The Kipp's Apparatus Glass is a laboratory tool used for carefully accumulating gases, with two to three compartments split by tap valves. The upper compartment houses the reagents, while the middle...
Glass Reaction Vessel With Lid & Clamp
$154.00 – $1,117.00
Glass Reaction Vessel With Lid & Clamp is deal for a range of chemistry experiments. The lid and clamp combination ensures that the vessel is completely sealed, allowing for both...
Vacuum Cold Trap
$101.00 – $143.00
A Vacuum Cold Trap is a staple apparatus in laboratories for the safe collection of vapors and volatile compounds. It works by cooling the inner surface, typically with dry ice...
Clevenger Apparatus B24 Ground Joints
$70.00 – $139.00
The Clevenger Oil Extraction Apparatus is designed to extract oils from botanical materials. The apparatus operates by heating water, generating steam that is passed through the botanical matter. This steam...
Dean Stark Distillation Receiver Graduated
$58.00 – $74.00
The Dean Stark Distillation Receiver Graduated is a necessary tool for laboratories to achieve accurate, efficient separation of immiscible liquids. It is specially designed for the Dean Stark method and...
   Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap
$54.00 – $58.00
The rotary evaporator bump trap is a critical component in lab rotary evaporation workflows. Its purpose is to prevent the liquid from "bumping" into the condenser, a sudden, forceful expulsion...
Gas Washing Bottles with Head
$54.00 – $108.00
Gas washing bottles with a head purify gases or remove moisture. Their built-in head improves gas flow, enabling efficient removal of any impurities or moisture.A crucial tool in chemical reactions,...
Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads
$47.00 – $101.00
Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads extract compounds from solid samples, offering an efficient process for multiple extraction cycles that involves the recirculation of solvents via the sample. These are designed to be...
Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Flask and Head
$39.00 – $81.00
The Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Flask and Head is a basic part of laboratory equipment used for regulated distribution of reagents or liquids in scientific experiments. This includes a glass...
Allihn Condensers for Soxhlet -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$39.00 – $62.00
Allihn Condensers for Soxhlet are essential to a laboratory setting. With bulb formations along the full length, they provide an increased surface area, cooling and condensing the solvent for optimized...
Glass Cuvettes With Lid
$51.00 $38.00
Glass Cuvettes With Lids are essential in a wide range of scientific applications, particularly spectrophotometry and photometry. Molded for the purpose of containing fluids, light passes through the liquid for...
Oil water Separator Receiver
$35.00 – $58.00
The Oil Water Separator Receiver stands as a critical apparatus across industries, specifically designed to efficiently separate oil and water mixtures and water amalgamations. This makes it an indispensable tool...
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