Mortar and Pestles

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Mortar pestles Porcelain
$11.98 – $199.98
Mortar and Pestles fashioned from porcelain are widely employed in laboratories due to their long-lasting, resistant, and flexible design. Made of an indestructible material, these mortar and pestles are ideal...
Mortar and Pestle Glass
$6.00 – $37.05
The Mortar and Pestle Glass, a fundamental tool in chemistry, pharmacology, and biology, for facilitating the manual grinding and mixing of substances, ensuring the homogeneity of samples for precise measurements...
Mortar and Pestle Spare Pestle
60mm / Pack of 5100mm / Pack of 5120mm / Pack of 5145mm / Pack of 5200mm / Pack of 5
$10.40 – $22.75
The spare pestle is a supplementary or alternate tool intended to be paired with a mortar and pestle set. These sets are frequently utilized in laboratories and diverse fields of...
Pipe Organ With Graduated Piston
Pipe Organ Wood with Graduated Piston allows scientists to manipulate air pressure within the organ pipes, contributing to the study of sound propagation and resonance phenomena. Furthermore, the wood's role...
Micro Pestle Polypropylene
A Double Ended Micro Pestle Polypropylene is ideal for grinding or homogenizing small volumes of biological or chemical samples in laboratory procedures. Its autoclavable material allows for sterilization, ensuring aseptic conditions...