Rods & Tubing

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Glass Stirring Rods -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$5.28 – $19.98
These fine stirring rods have both ends polished, smooth, and round for convenient and safe handling. These stirring rods are essential for stirring beakers, flasks, etc. Item Code Length (mm)...
Glass Blowing Tubes
$12.98 – $59.98
Borosilicate Glass Blowing Tubes:  The lengths of tubing are approximate (+/- 2cm variation in length) For the wall thickness & length of the tubing, please see the table below. PACK SIZE:...
Glass Tubing Cutter -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
A Glass Tubing Cutter is a specialized device designed for efficient and precise cutting of glass tubes in commercial and industrial environments. This has a sharp wheel for scoring glass tubes...
Glass Blowing Super Thick Tubes
$22.98 – $179.98
Glass Blowing Tubes with thick walls 2.5mm to 12mm OD are used widely in scientific and laboratory applications. These tubes are recognized for their superior resistance to thermal shock and...
Polished Glass Stirring Shafts
$14.98 – $17.98
Polished glass stirring shafts are important for laboratory use when mixing or stirring substances in solution. The polished exterior aids in smooth stirring without damaging the containers, keeping the samples...
Glass Blowing Tubes 10mm Super Thick Wall
$19.98 – $84.98
Glass Blowing Tubes with 10mm Super Thick Walls offer a robust structure, making them suitable for a range of glassblowing techniques, such as manipulation, shaping, and fuming. These tubes are...
Glass Blowing Tubes 1Kg
$34.98 – $67.98
Glass Blowing Tubes of 1kg capacity are ideal for laboratory use. Their strong construction ensures optimum resistance against chemical corrosion, allowing you to store a variety of reagents. Additionally, they...
Glass Blowing Tubes 8mm
$9.98 – $94.98
Glass Blowing Tubes with 8mm diameter provide essential support for glassblowing and laboratory needs. These tubes are the perfect choice for crafting intricate sculptures, designs, and custom laboratory glassware, boasting...
Glass Blowing Tubes 10 mm Super Thick Wall
$16.98 – $109.98
Glass blowing tubes with a 10mm external diameter and 1.5mm wall thickness are essential tools in lab environments, particularly for glass work and scientific experiments. This combination of dimensions offers...
Glass Blowing Tubes 8mm
$7.98 – $89.98
Manufactured from borosilicate glass, Glass Blowing Tubes 6mm are essential tools for artisans, glassblowers, and scientific usage. Their 6mm diameter provides the accuracy and control needed to form molten glass,...
Glass Blowing Tubes 10 mm Super Thick Wall
$19.98 – $124.98
Glass Blowing Tubes 12mm OD - 1.5mm Thick Wall are essential components for glass artisans, scientific experiments, and industrial uses. They provide superior heat resistance, allowing for advanced glass manipulation...
Glass Blowing Tubes 18mm Super Thick Wall
$69.98 – $204.98
Glass Blowing Tubes 18mm Super Thick Wall are specifically designed for premium thick-walled strength, and are essential for both glassblowing and laboratory use. With increased thickness, these tubes provide additional...