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Magnetic Stirring Bar PTFE
$5.00 – $58.00
PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bar, Stirrer Follower with Pivot Magnetic Stir Bar, as the name suggests is used as the stirring device, in conjunction with a hotplate/magnetic stirrer. These are ideal for...
Magnetic Stirrers with Hotplate & Digital Speed Indicator
$305.00 – $381.00
The Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers with Digital Speed Indicator are an essential piece of equipment for labs requiring precise and controlled mixing operations. With a digital speed indicator, users can make...
PTFE Stirring Rod Magnetic Retriever
$31.00 – $69.00
PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever is an essential tool for reliably collecting magnetic stir bars without disruption. Its PTFE-made construction provides superior chemical resistance, making it suitable for dealing with...
Micro Magnetic Stirrers -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Micro Magnetic Stirrers offer a compact and efficient way to stir small quantities of liquid in lab settings, using magnetic fields to drive the stirring action. These devices are comprised...
Magnetic Stirrer Economy
upto 2Ltrupto 5Ltr
$107.00 – $183.00
The Magnetic Stirrer Economy is an affordable and efficient tool for laboratories that require liquid mixing. It operates via a rotating magnetic field, to drive a small stir bar placed...
Laboratory Stirrers Overhead
$915.00 – $1,906.00
Laboratory Stirrers Overhead enable stirring and mixing of solutions without direct contact with the samples. Mounted on lab stands, these stirrers are powered by an overhead motor, usually driving a...
heating mantle with magnetic stirrer
$381.00 – $557.00
Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer: Rotamantles are specialized laboratory equipment engineered for uniform heating and stirring of substances in round-bottom flasks. Their cylindrical design facilitates secure flask placement and efficient...
Mini Magnetic Stirrer
1L / 200-1800 RPM2L / 200-2000 RPM
$77.00 – $191.00
Mini Magnetic stirrers are essential tools in laboratory settings, used for the mixing and stirring of liquids. With its compact design and various capacities, the Mini Magnetic Stirrer offers versatility...
Bar Stirring Retriever Flexible
Bar Stirring Retriever Flexible provides an easy and effective way of retrieving stirring bars from liquid solutions. Its ability to conform to multiple vessel shapes and sizes makes it a reliable...
Lab Overhead Stirrer
$839.00 $588.00
A Lab Overhead Stirrer is an essential device in laboratory settings, specifically engineered to mix liquids effectively and safely. This stirring tool is mounted on a laboratory stand and powered...
upto 5Ltrupto 10Ltr
$305.00 – $496.00
A Hotplate is a commonplace laboratory tool, intended to heat samples or substances with great accuracy. Usually, it consists of a heated plate, with the ability to adjust the heat,...
High Speed Overhead Stirrer
$2,820.00 – $3,278.00
High Speed Overhead Stirrer is designed to handle rapid, efficient mixing of large volumes of liquids and solutions. It has an overhead configuration that keeps it above the solution, averting...
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