Columns & Condensers

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Liebig Condensers, 300mm -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$19.98 – $204.98
Liebig Condenser is made from BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass making it suitable for distillation and reflux applications. These Condensers have a straight inner tube and they have a ground joint making it very...
Glass Beads
500 gm1 Kg2 Kg
$13.98 – $49.98
Glass Beads are versatile and can serve as boiling stones, mixing beads, or packing for distillation columns. They are exceptionally durable and do not disintegrate or interfere with delicate compounds....
Still Head Plain with Thermometer pocket
$24.98 – $54.98
A Still Head Plain with Thermometer Socket, or distillation head, is an indispensable instrument for carrying out a regulated distillation. This accessory firmly attaches to the distillation flask and is...
Glass Thermometer Cone Adapter with Thread
$19.98 – $34.98
This Cone Adapter with Thread is designed for laboratories for secure and stable temperature measurement. It connects thermometers to a range of glassware, allowing for accurate temperature regulation during experiments....
Recovery Bend Adapters, with Sloping End -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$10.98 – $24.98
The Recovery Bend Adapter with Sloping End is an essential part of laboratory arrangements, aiding in the collection of condensed vapors. Its design simplifies attachment to distillation devices, facilitating the...
Receiver Adapters, Bend with Vacuum Connection -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$17.98 – $39.98
Receiver adapters that bend with a vacuum connection are vital for laboratories, particularly for distillation and vacuum processes. This adapter creates an airtight seal between the receiving flask and the...
Graham Coil Condensers
$49.98 – $99.98
The Graham Coil Condenser is a vital component of any laboratory setup, enabling efficient cooling and condensation of vapors. Its coiled tube design creates an extended condensation path, aiding in...
Oil water Separator Receiver
$44.98 – $74.98
The Oil Water Separator Receiver stands as a critical apparatus across industries, specifically designed to efficiently separate oil and water mixtures and water amalgamations. This makes it an indispensable tool...
Molecular Sieve
$48.98 – $219.98
Molecular sieves are a cornerstone of numerous industries, engineered to provide superior adsorption and dimensional stability, and to optimize moisture removal and purification. These sieves have an excellent capacity for...
Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads
$59.98 – $129.98
Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads extract compounds from solid samples, offering an efficient process for multiple extraction cycles that involves the recirculation of solvents via the sample. These are designed to be...
Glass Raschig Rings
$22.98 – $27.98
Glass Raschig Rings provide a high surface area for maximum gas-liquid contact within the lab and industrial processes. Their cylindrical shape and smooth surface enable even flow distribution and reliable...
Distillation Columns, Vigreux, NS B 24, 300mm -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$54.98 – $129.98
Vigreux style column with indentations that run the entire length of the column for improved vapour-liquid contact. Column length refers to the effective length, measured from the lowest to highest...