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Petri Dishes, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$1.28 – $6.98
Petri Dishes Polypropylene are essential for analyzing microbes and cell cultures. Featuring a polypropylene build, they are durable and withstand a wide range of chemical conditions, preserving sample integrity. These...
Petri Dish TPX
$9.98 – $32.98
Petri Dish TPX furnishes an ideal atmosphere for cell and bacteria cultures, for propagation and viewing. Its optically clear, flat surface eliminates aberration, making it an excellent pick for microscopy...
Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom
60mm od x 30mm90mm od x 45mm h120mm od x 60mm h150mm od x 75mm h230mm od x 100mm h
$9.98 – $48.98
Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom is an indispensable piece of glassware for controlled evaporation of liquids. Its rounded bottom permits uniform heating and evaporation, and makes it ideal for experiments...
Petri Dishes
A Petri Dish Glass is highly valued in lab and scientific settings, owing to their transparent and inert properties. This transparency makes them ideal for microscopy, and researchers can easily observe...
Culture Petri Dishes, Polystyrene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$14.38 – $74.98
Culture Petri Dishes Polystyrene provides an optimal environment for the cultivation and observation of microorganisms or cells. The flat and even surfaces of these dishes support uniform application of culture...
Rack for Petri Dishes, Polycarbonate -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
60mm(56 pcs)90mm(60 pcs)
$79.98 – $99.98
Rack for Petri Dishes Polycarbonate offers superior chemical-resistance and robustness, making it a practical and reliable choice for laboratory settings. Providing optimal organization and storage of Petri dishes, it can...
Petri Dish Polystyrene
Petri Dish Polystyrene is used for scientific and laboratory use, especially in microbiology and cell culture. Scientists can easily visualize growth patterns, shapes, and interplay via microscope, and their hydrophobic...
Petri Dishes Cell Culture
33.6od X 9.0mm h55.2od X 12.0mm h87.2od X 17.7mm h140od X 23.1mm h
$188.50 – $253.50
Petri Dishes are essential for separating and examining microbial colonies, making them a must-have for labs working in cell biology, microbiology, and medicine. Flat transparent surfaces are for distortion-free observation....
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