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Borosilicate Glass Beads
Borosilicate Glass Beads are a versatile material that can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads, or packing for distillation columns. They are remarkably durable and do not break down...
Wind Power Generator
The Wind Power Demonstrator Generator serves as an educational aid for subjects such as physics, environmental science, and engineering, allowing students to gain practical knowledge and insight. By showcasing the...
Wind Vane Wind Direction Demo
The Wind Vane Wind Direction Demo is an integral tool in meteorology, environmental science, and fluid dynamics research. This is a speed indicator demo type anemometer. It showcases and analyzes...
Water Turbine Hydroelectric Demo Apparatus
$11.70 – $226.20
The Water Turbine Hydroelectric Demo Apparatus is an essential tool for scientific research in physics, environmental science, and engineering. This apparatus is used by teachers and students to demonstrate hydroelectric power...
Water Sampling Kit
This Water Sampling Kit For Pond and Stream includes two sets of jars designed for gathering water samples, making it a good choice for environmental monitoring, research, and evaluating water...
Wire Gauze Copper Square
Wire Gauze Copper Square is used in electrolysis experiments. It serves as a support for glassware during heating, providing even heat distribution and preventing direct contact with flame or hot surfaces. This...
Copper Wire
Bare / 14Bare / 16Bare / 18Bare / 20Bare / 22Bare / 24Bare / 26Bare / 28Bare / 30Enameled / 18Enameled / 20Enameled / 22Enameled / 24Enameled / 26Enameled / 28Enameled / 30Enameled / 32
$32.50 – $39.00
Copper Wire Bare Enameled is highly conductive and useful for electrical applications. Enameled wire has insulation for protection against short circuits, while bare wire is commonly used for grounding. The...
Aluminium Wire
Aluminium Wire Enameled is used in experiments, such as electrochemistry, temperature control, and lightweight construction, due to its advantageous properties. It can also be customized for specialized lab equipment. In scientific...
Memory Wire Kit
Memory Wire Kit, also called nitinol wire, is a smart material that has the remarkable ability to remember and return to a predetermined shape when exposed to a specific stimulus,...
Nichrome Wire
$32.50 – $39.00
Nichrome wire is comprised of nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr), creating a highly durable resistance wire. Its exceptional properties include a high melting point, resistance to corrosion, and the ability...
Spouting Vessel Plastic With 4 Jets
The Spouting Vessel Plastic with 4 Jets is a specialized apparatus used for educational demonstrations in the field of fluid dynamics. It displays the connection between depth and pressure, and...
Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout
The Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout, a common device used in laboratory experiments, is specifically designed to showcase principles related to the displacement of various liquids, including water. This apparatus...
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