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Borosilicate Glass Beads
Borosilicate Glass Beads are a versatile material that can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads, or packing for distillation columns. They are remarkably durable and do not break down...
Cylindrical Weights Brass Set
Cylindrical Weights Brass Set is often utilized in laboratory and industrial environments for precise measurements and calibration purposes. Cylindrical weights have various uses, such as calibrating weighing instruments, demonstrating principles of mass...
Mini Magnetic Stirrer
1L / 200-1800 RPM2L / 200-2000 RPM
$77.00 – $193.00
Mini Magnetic stirrers are essential tools in laboratory settings, used for the mixing and stirring of liquids. With its compact design and various capacities, the Mini Magnetic Stirrer offers versatility...
Cell Scraper Sterile
220mm x 13mm280mm x 20mm
$5.00 – $9.00
The Cell Scraper Sterile can quickly and efficiently scrape and harvest cells. Simply apply gentle pressure to the handle to adjust the blade angle, then push downwards towards the container's...
Clay Fired Pots Porous
$2.00 – $4.00
Clay Fired Pots Porous serve as reliable crucibles for heating substances at high temperatures, crucial in processes like sample analysis and material testing utilized across chemistry, soil silence, and microbiology....
Digital pH Meter Pen Type
The Digital pH Meter Pen Type is an essential tool for accurate pH measurements in laboratory and scientific settings. With a compact design and digital readout, it is reliable and...
Bench Mat Silicone
$7.00 – $20.00
The Bench Mat Silicone is suitable for a variety of uses in laboratories, such as schools, universities, and industries. It effectively protects work surfaces from extreme temperatures. Features: Long-lasting/hard-wearing Available...
Bench Mat Heat Resistant
$4.00 – $7.00
The Bench Mat Heat Resistant is a necessary accessory in laboratory safety equipment. Its high-temperature tolerance and durable design shield laboratory benches and workstations from potential damage caused by hot...
Classic Reading Magnifier
50mm / 3x6x75mm / 2.5/5x90mm / 2x4x110mm / 2x4x
$7.00 – $13.00
The Classic Reading Magnifier is a precision tool designed to improve readability in scientific literature, documents, and intricate laboratory details. Perfect for use in the lab or at your desk....
Bell Jar With Glass Stopper
The Bell Jar with Glass Stopper is a precise laboratory glassware with airtight glass stopper, perfect for creating controlled atmospheric conditions and studying physical properties under reduced pressure. The Bell...
Filter Syringe Nylon
0.8um x 25mm0.22um x 13mm0.22um x 25mm0.22um x 33mm0.45um x 5mm0.45um x 13mm0.45um x 25mm0.45um x 33mm
$50.00 – $185.00
Filter Syringe Nylon is a tool used in the laboratory filtration space, delivering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. This syringe filter is a cornerstone of laboratory consumables thanks to its robust...
Crucible Nickel Filtration With Lid
$17.00 – $39.00
A Crucible Nickel Filtration With Lid is ideal for numerous filtration processes that require nickel due to its chemical inertness and resistance to reactions. Scientists use it for gravimetric analysis,...
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