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Measuring Scoop, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$1.68 – $12.98
Measuring Scoops Polypropylene are essential tools in laboratory settings, designed for precise and convenient measurement of powders, granules, or semi-solid materials. Their durable and chemically resistant polypropylene construction ensures suitability for...
Kipps Apparatus
$54.98 – $69.98
Kipps Apparatus is an effective laboratory tool for safe and efficient gas production. It allows you to observe the gas formation process and promotes regulated gas production through liquid displacement. Kipps...
Wind Power Generator
The Wind Power Demonstrator Generator serves as an educational aid for subjects such as physics, environmental science, and engineering, allowing students to gain practical knowledge and insight. By showcasing the...
Rain Gauge Plastic
$18.20 – $70.20
Rain Gauge Plastic is used in meteorology to accurately measure precipitation, providing valuable data for weather forecasting and climate studies. In environmental science, it also plays a crucial role in...
Magnetic Wand
The Magnetic Wand is a specialized laboratory tool with a powerful magnet for magnetic exploration and experiments in science and education. It allows for visual demonstrations of magnetic fields and...
Genecon Replacement Gear Set
Genecon Replacement Gear Set helps the end-user easily maintain the Genecon DUE or Genecon V3 and is a crucial component for keeping the device in optimal condition. With this gear...
Plastic Hair Hygrometer
The Plastic Hair Hygrometer is a precise and durable tool for monitoring humidity levels in laboratory settings. Its plastic material responds to changes in moisture, making it valuable in experiments...
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