Test Tubes

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Test Tubes Rimmed
$19.98 – $279.98
Test Tubes Rimmed Borosilicate Glass: Rimmed Borosilicate glass test tubes provide reliable precision during scientific experiments and procedures and are reusable. Featuring a heavy-duty rimmed construction of 3.3 Borosilicate glass,...
Wood Cork Stoppers
$9.98 – $129.98
Wood Cork Stoppers are tapered Cork Stoppers that will plug bottles, and lab vials. etc. These Cork Stoppers are manufactured to provide a secure fit every time. tapered cork stopper in...
Test Tubes, Rimless, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$18.98 – $171.98
These Rimless Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes feature superior-grade material for unbeatable durability and temperature resistance. Their rimless design makes them easy to clean and provides an airtight close, while their...
Test Tube Nylon Brush -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$5.98 $4.49
Brush, specially made to clean Test Tubes. The nylon bristles are great for cleaning. It is also very flexible, you can bend it around for hard-to-reach places. Material: Nylon Bristles, Stainless Steel...
Culture Media Tubes
$29.98 – $279.98
Culture media tubes with a flat bottom are designed specifically for culturing or cultivating biological samples in the lab. These tubes provide a stable, level base, making them ideal for...
Culture Media Tubes Round Bottom Clear Glass
$34.98 – $299.98
Round-bottomed, clear glass Culture Media Tubes are essential in laboratories for culturing microorganisms and conducting experiments. They are ideal for bacterial growth and research in labs. Autoclavable Culture Tubes Round Bottom, are...
Test tube with cork
$59.98 – $194.96
Test tubes with corks are versatile vessels that are useful for researchers, chemists, and biologists, in various laboratory applications When sealed with corks, test tubes seal substances and mitigates the...
Test Tubes, Interchangeable Hollow Stopper, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$3.38 – $11.98
Test Tubes Graduated with Stoppers are crafted with graduated markings to enable exact volume determination and support exact experimentation and data evaluation. They secure contents, providing ideal conditions for storing...
Glass Melting Point Sample Retention Capillary Tubes
Glass melting point sample retention capillary tubes are essential for accurate laboratory analysis of melting points. Manufactured from high-grade glass, they feature a controlled environment that allows for precise observation...
Glass Conical Centrifuge Tubes
$7.98 – $19.98
Constructed of strong, borosilicate glass, glass conical centrifuge tubes are essential for laboratory experiments like centrifugation where density-based separation of substances is required. Their conical shape makes sedimentation of particles...
Thiele Melting Point Tube
$19.98 – $23.98
Thiele Melting Point Tubes are widely used in laboratories for determining the melting point of solid materials. These tubes have small capillary openings which allow for tiny sample sizes while...
Glass Cuvettes With Lid
$64.98 $48.98
Glass Cuvettes With Lids are essential in a wide range of scientific applications, particularly spectrophotometry and photometry. Molded for the purpose of containing fluids, light passes through the liquid for...

Glass test tubes play a crucial role in laboratory settings, serving as indispensable tools for mixing, stirring, and heating samples. Chemists and laboratory technicians rely heavily on these test tubes, particularly for qualitative experiments and assays. With their spherical bottoms and vertical sides, glass test tubes minimize sample loss during pouring, simplify cleaning, and provide clear visibility of their contents. Additionally, the elongated, narrow necks effectively slow the dispersion of vapours and gases into the surrounding environment.

These versatile test tubes are crafted from high-temperature borosilicate glass, making them suitable for heating samples directly over an open flame. They are not only efficient but also cost-effective, available in various types, including rimmed, culture, and capillary options. For situations requiring added durability, we offer heavy wall centrifuge tubes designed for high-speed mixing applications.

We maintain an ample stock of general-purpose test tubes, ensuring prompt availability even for large-volume orders in Australia

To facilitate the safe and organized storage of liquid or powder-filled test tubes, explore our extensive selection of test tube racks. Our range of solutions ensures the secure and convenient management of your laboratory equipment.