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Weight Set, Cylindrical Shape with Wooden Box, Brass/Stainless Steel -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$149.98 – $199.98
Weight Sets are collections of precise, standardized weights that are required in calibration processes for scales and balances. These are designed to be durable and deliver stable measurements. The different...
Scale-Tec Electronic Precision Balance
Scale-Tec Electronic Precision Balance CWS1002 - 1000g x 0.01g is a high-precision weighing instrument, offering a capacity of 1000g and accuracy of 0.01g. The latest technology ensures reliable and precise...
Scale-Tec Electronic Precision Balance, CWS302 - 300g x 0.01g -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Scale-Tec Electronic Precision Balance 0.01g is ideal for exacting measurements in industrial and laboratory settings. The precision balance guarantees precise and consistent readings every time down to the smallest increments....
Scale-Tec Electronic Precision Balance, CWS602 - 600g x 0.01g -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Scale-Tec Electronic Precision Balance CWS602 - 600g x 0.01g offers clear, immediate readings, enabling precise measurement of various materials and is an ideal weighing instrument for laboratories and other professional...
Compact Balances EJ Series
$110.00 – $900.00
Compact Balances EJ Series are stackable and portable, ideal for field research and small labs. They also support various weighing units and have an optional breeze break for added stability....
Analytical Electronic Balances
$0.00 – $7,085.00
The GR Series Advanced Analytical Electronic Balances are used for obtaining precise measurements in scientific experiments and analyses. They are relied upon in quality control labs to ensure consistency and...
Spring Balance Flat Plas/Alum combines plastic and aluminum to create a utilitarian, elongated weighing device with a spring mechanism designed for measuring forces in a flat plane. Its lightweight and...
Spring Balance Cylindrical Plastic
Spring Balance Cylindrical Plastic serves to measure force. This device is also referred to as a Newton Meter and follows Hooke's Law, meaning its extension is related to the force applied. This...
Mechanical Balance Quadruple Beam
Mechanical Balance Quadruple Beam offers an efficient, easy-to-use manual method for determining weight. Its quadruple beam design enables precise adjustments, creating accurate results and making it an ideal tool for science...
Mechanical Balance Triple Beam
Mechanical Balance Triple Beam is a common tool for weight measurements. The design features three graduated beams with a set of removable weights. To obtain accurate readings, users need to arrange...
Scale-Tec Electronic High Precision Balance, SAB 200E - 200g x 0.001g -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Scale-Tec Analytical Balance SAB 224CL- 220g x 1mg is in precise weighing with its 220g capacity and 1mg readability. Advanced technology ensures accurate measurements and consistent results, while a highly-precise...
Electronic High Precision Balance SAB 203L- 200g x 0.001g
Electronic High Precision Balance SAB 203L- 200g x 0.001g has advanced electronic components and load cells that guarantee reliable, precise results, while the digital display ensures instantaneous, accurate measurements of...
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