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Acrylic Lens and Prisms Set of 7
Acrylic Lens and Prisms Set is an essential for optical component used in laboratories for magnification and light manipulation, and demonstrating refraction, dispersion, and spectrum analysis. This set provides the...
Round Lens Biconvex
The Round Lens Biconvex is a precision optical component categorized as a laboratory equipment lens. Its design features a convex shape on both sides, providing a range of optical properties...
Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom
60mm od x 30mm90mm od x 45mm h120mm od x 60mm h150mm od x 75mm h230mm od x 100mm h
$9.98 – $48.98
Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom is an indispensable piece of glassware for controlled evaporation of liquids. Its rounded bottom permits uniform heating and evaporation, and makes it ideal for experiments...
Microscope Slides, Ground and Polished, Fused Quartz -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Fused Quartz Microscope Slides are made from a quality fused quartz material, providing a clear and reliable surface to perform microscopic experiments. The slides has a smooth surface, giving sharp...
Fused Quartz Sight Glass
$54.98 – $124.98
Fused Quartz Sight Glass is a key component of applications requiring clear viewing and surveillance. The transparency and constant temperature of fused quartz make it the perfect choice when it...
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