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Multiple Adapters with two parallel necks -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$24.98 – $34.98
Multiple Adapters-Claisen Head are essential for laboratory distillation. These adapters have two side arms to which extra equipment like thermometers or condensers can be connected, enabling accurate temperature regulation and...
Cone Adapters Straight with Glass Stopcock -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$22.98 – $34.98
Cone Adapters Straight with Glass Stopcock are key parts of laboratory systems for monitored liquid transfer. Their straight shape ensures compatibility with a range of glassware and provides a secure...
Hose Connection Adapters
$24.98 – $32.98
Hose Connection Adapters are indispensable components in lab configurations, securing and increasing the flexibility of connections between different tubing and apparatus. They can be used with various hose varieties, making...
Glass Tilting Dispenser Head
$29.98 – $39.98
Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Heads are indispensable pieces of lab equipment, designed to safely and precisely dispense liquids, such as acids and reagents. Simple tilting of the glass sphere enables...
Receiver Adapters, Straight -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$9.98 – $11.98
Straight Receiver Delivery Adapters are essential to any lab, providing a strong and secure connection between different vessels and allowing for efficient substance transfer without compromising the integrity of the...
PTFE Stuffing Box -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$40.98 – $69.98
Stuffing Box Glands is made of thick solid PTFE.  PTFE stuffing box is used as a gland seal or as compression packing to prevent any leakage of fluid such as water...
Splash head pear shape vertical
$33.98 – $49.98
The pear-shaped vertical splash head, more commonly referred to as a splash head, is a vital piece of laboratory glassware employed for gas washing, liquid distribution, and absorption processes. Its...
Vacuum Adapters Straight
$29.98 – $34.98
Vacuum Adapters Straight are a significant component of laboratory apparatus, constructed to form an airtight connection between glassware and vacuum systems. Their straight shape ensures a dependable and sealed connection,...
Short Path Jacketed Distillation Heads are an integral apparatus in laboratories, crafted specifically for efficient distillation operations and aids temperature control and condensation. They feature a design that facilitates short path...
Cone Adapters Straight with PTFE Stopcock
$24.98 – $49.98
Cone adapters straight with PTFE stopcocks are used in the laboratory for regulated liquid transfer between apparatus. Their straight cone design provides exact and managed flow of liquids. Furthermore, the...
Claisen Head U Shape Adapter
$29.98 – $49.98
The Claisen Head U Shape Adapter is essential for organic chemistry and experimental setups. Its U-shaped design allows multiple glassware components to be connected, enabling various chemical reactions or distillations....
Receiver Delivery Adapters, Long Stem -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$11.98 – $24.98
Receiver delivery adapters with long stems are essential components in laboratory setups, especially for distillations. Their extended stem design provides accurate and controlled liquid delivery. These adapters ensure chem-resistance and...
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