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Heating Mantle Digital Display
$249.98 – $1,399.98
Our Digital Display Heating Mantle accurately heats items and displays temperature readings in real-time with PID Single Screen Temperature controller. Fast heating, temperature uniformity and highly precise temperature control. Safety features include...
Double Adjustable Swivel Bosshead with Three Finger Clamp
The Double Adjustable Swivel Bosshead with Three Finger Clamp is a must-have for any lab, providing exact control and secure attachment. This specialized tool has a double-swivel design, giving researchers...
Glass Mullers Pigment Gringding Tool
smallmediumlarge450mm X 225mm X 12mm
$47.98 – $104.98
Glass Muller Pigment Grinding Tool: A perfect tool used for grinding dispersing pigment, both an oil or water base. The flat smooth base can be used on an even grinding surface...
Without spout tall form beakers
$3.98 – $15.59
Glass Beakers Tall Form Without Spout are a type of laboratory equipment used in various applications, including mixing, heating, and storing chemicals. These beakers are taller in shape compared to...
Vacuum Filtration Kit With Oil Free 12L Vacuum Pump
$399.98 – $739.98
This Vacuum Filtration Kit with Oil Free 12L Vacuum Pump is essential for multiple laboratory filtration processes. It offers an oil-free pump to ensure the filtrate is free from contamination....
Bosshead Zinc 360 Degree Rotatable
$28.98 $25.98
The Bosshead Zinc 360 Degree Rotatable provides robust support for clamps, enabling 360 degree rotation to secure various lab equipment in place. Suited for a retort stand, its versatile design...
Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout
$21.98 $13.99
This Aluminum Displacement Overflow Can, crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminum, offers long-term reliability in any laboratory setting. Its secure lid and wide opening minimize the risk of spillage while collecting and...
All Glass Filtration Assembly
$399.98 $299.98
An All-Glass Filtration Assembly is a necessary element for laboratory filtering operations.  The All Glass Filtration Assembly 47mm complete set is a laboratory apparatus used for filtering liquids in chemical...
Quartz Cuvettes With Lid
Quartz Cuvettes with Lids are laboratory vessels for maximum optical clarity for spectrophotometric measurements. Their durable construction and resistance to chemical corrosion make them well-suited for precision absorbance and fluorescence...
Reagent Bottle Clear Glass Wide Mouth Glass Stopper
$3.98 – $24.98
Apothecary Reagent bottles CLEAR GLASS wide mouth are made from glass and come with a flat pressed glass stopper. These bottles are ideal for safely storing chemicals in liquid or powder...
Hot plate strrer with probe
Hot plate with Magnetic Stirrer and Probe: Rev up your lab experiments with this hot new gadget! Our Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers boast a 500w heating element and a powerful magnet...
Wood Cork Stoppers
$9.98 – $129.98
Wood Cork Stoppers are tapered Cork Stoppers that will plug bottles, and lab vials. etc. These Cork Stoppers are manufactured to provide a secure fit every time. tapered cork stopper in...