Extension Adapters 180mm

Extension Adapters


Size: Socket24/29 to Socket24/29

Socket24/29 to Socket24/29
Socket24/40 to Socket24/40
Socket24/29 to Cone24/29
SKU: 15.00.0431.EXT

Extension Adapters are a vital part of laboratory glassware, connecting two components together to create increased lengths and reach during experimentation.

They are effective experiments that require greater extension, facilitating bridge-building between different glassware pieces.

Extension Adapters are manufactured from BOROSILICATE 3.3 GLASS. 

Package: Price/Pc

Item Code Cone Size Socket Size Length (Body) Pcs/Pk.
15.00.0433.EXT 24/29 24/29 180mm 1


Item Code Cone Size Socket Size Length (Body) Pcs/Pk.
15.00.0431.EXT 19/26 24/29 180mm 1
15.00.0432.EXT 19/26 29/32 180mm 1
Additional Information

Socket24/29 to Socket24/29, Socket24/40 to Socket24/40, Socket24/29 to Cone24/29

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