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Oil free Vacuum Pump
This Diaphragm Oil-Free Vacuum Pump offers a sophisticated, contamination-free vacuum source ideal for laboratory use. Its diaphragm-based construction eliminates the need for lubricating oils, preventing sample contamination and maintaining a...
Lab Mini Vacuum Pump
The Lab Mini Vacuum Pump is an ideal choice for laboratory use, providing quiet operations and minimal vibration. Perfect for space-saving, this efficient device helps to create a vacuum environment...
Hand Held Vacuum Pump with Gauge, Manual -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Hand Held Vacuum Pump with Gauge provides controlled vacuum generation and measurement. Its functionality enables the user to create a vacuum and monitor pressure using the built-in gauge, aiding in...
Vacuum Pump Dual Stage
VALUE Vacuum Pump Dual Stage is a strong and dependable solution engineered for a variety of tasks that necessitate a powerful vacuum level. Its dual-stage design allows for deeper vacuum...
Vaccum Filtration Kit
$104.00 – $377.00
This Vacuum Filtration Kit With Automatic Mini Vacuum Pump sets up laboratories for streamlined operation, offering precise filtration with consistent suction. The kit includes a vacuum pump, filtration apparatus, and...
Vacuum Filtration Kit With Oil Free 12L Vacuum Pump
$307.00 – $568.00
This Vacuum Filtration Kit with Oil Free 12L Vacuum Pump is essential for multiple laboratory filtration processes. It offers an oil-free pump to ensure the filtrate is free from contamination....
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