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Borosilicate Glass Beads
Borosilicate Glass Beads are a versatile material that can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads, or packing for distillation columns. They are remarkably durable and do not break down...
Clay Fired Pots Porous
$2.50 – $4.00
Clay Fired Pots Porous serve as reliable crucibles for heating substances at high temperatures, crucial in processes like sample analysis and material testing utilized across chemistry, soil silence, and microbiology....
Bench Mat Heat Resistant
$4.80 – $8.40
The Bench Mat Heat Resistant is a necessary accessory in laboratory safety equipment. Its high-temperature tolerance and durable design shield laboratory benches and workstations from potential damage caused by hot...
Alcohol Burner Spare Wick
1 pc / pack2 pc / pack5 pc / pack10 pc / pack20 pc / pack50 pc / pack100 pc / pack
$0.80 – $50.00
An Alcohol Burner Spare Wick replaces the one that has become degraded, unusable, or is otherwise not functioning effectively. A well-functioning wick is key for safe operation with the alcohol burner. Its...
Cloud Bottle Cloud Demonstration
Cloud Bottle Cloud Demo provides a visual representation of cloud formation in action. Its purpose is to teach students about condensation, cooling, and the ways particles help form clouds. By...
Glass Cuvettes With Lid
$64.98 $48.98
Glass Cuvettes With Lids are essential in a wide range of scientific applications, particularly spectrophotometry and photometry. Molded for the purpose of containing fluids, light passes through the liquid for...
Heating Mantle Digital Display
$249.98 – $1,399.98
Our Digital Display Heating Mantle accurately heats items and displays temperature readings in real-time with PID Single Screen Temperature controller. Fast heating, temperature uniformity and highly precise temperature control. Safety features include...
Tubing Fused Quartz
$19.98 – $29.98
Tubing Fused Quartz is composed of high-grade fused quartz material, making it highly suitable for laboratory and industrial processes requiring both thermal and chemical resistance. Its spotless character provides the...
ASTM Test Sieves Stainless Steel 316 Grade
$234.98 – $449.98
ASTM Test Sieves Stainless Steel 316 Grade are well-crafted instruments engineered for detailed particle size analysis in many industries. These sieves comply with exacting ASTM benchmarks. The heavy-duty material ensures...
Lab Mini Vacuum Pump
The Lab Mini Vacuum Pump is an ideal choice for laboratory use, providing quiet operations and minimal vibration. Perfect for space-saving, this efficient device helps to create a vacuum environment...
Quartz Cuvettes With Lid
Quartz Cuvettes with Lids are laboratory vessels for maximum optical clarity for spectrophotometric measurements. Their durable construction and resistance to chemical corrosion make them well-suited for precision absorbance and fluorescence...
Pendulum Clamp
The Pendulum Clamp is suitable for precise positioning of pendulum-type equipment. Researchers and educators will find the clamp invaluable due to its secure grip and stability, minimizing any potential disturbances...
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