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Glass Cuvettes With Lid
$51.00 $39.00
Glass Cuvettes With Lids are essential in a wide range of scientific applications, particularly spectrophotometry and photometry. Molded for the purpose of containing fluids, light passes through the liquid for...
Heating Mantle Digital Display
$196.00 – $1,093.00
Our Digital Display Heating Mantle accurately heats items and displays temperature readings in real-time with PID Single Screen Temperature controller. Fast heating, temperature uniformity and highly precise temperature control. Safety features include...
Tubing Fused Quartz
$16.00 – $24.00
Tubing Fused Quartz is composed of high-grade fused quartz material, making it highly suitable for laboratory and industrial processes requiring both thermal and chemical resistance. Its spotless character provides the...
Vaccum Filtration Kit
$106.00 – $383.00
This Vacuum Filtration Kit With Automatic Mini Vacuum Pump sets up laboratories for streamlined operation, offering precise filtration with consistent suction. The kit includes a vacuum pump, filtration apparatus, and...
Lab Mini Vacuum Pump
The Lab Mini Vacuum Pump is an ideal choice for laboratory use, providing quiet operations and minimal vibration. Perfect for space-saving, this efficient device helps to create a vacuum environment...
Quartz Cuvettes With Lid
Quartz Cuvettes with Lids are laboratory vessels for maximum optical clarity for spectrophotometric measurements. Their durable construction and resistance to chemical corrosion make them well-suited for precision absorbance and fluorescence...
Pendulum Clamp
$16.00 $8.00
The Pendulum Clamp is suitable for precise positioning of pendulum-type equipment. Researchers and educators will find the clamp invaluable due to its secure grip and stability, minimizing any potential disturbances...
Thiele Melting Point Tube
$16.00 – $19.00
Thiele Melting Point Tubes are widely used in laboratories for determining the melting point of solid materials. These tubes have small capillary openings which allow for tiny sample sizes while...
Mini Rotary Shaker
This Mini Rotary Shaker is used to agitate liquid samples with a rotating platform. Its compact size and portability make it a great choice for use in small laboratory areas,...
Multi Tubes Vortexer
Multi Tubes Vortexer provides efficient mixing and stirring of multiple samples simultaneously. This vortexer is equipped with a durable platform to accommodate multiple tubes and vials, and its variable speed...
High Speed Overhead Stirrer
$2,886.00 – $3,354.00
High Speed Overhead Stirrer is designed to handle rapid, efficient mixing of large volumes of liquids and solutions. It has an overhead configuration that keeps it above the solution, averting...
High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
$1,210.00 – $2,255.00
A High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer is an advanced lab tool to provide exact heating and stirring for liquids. With a flat, heat-resistant surface and a stir bar, it...
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