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Safety Screen Bench Top Polycarbonate
The Safety Screen Bench Top Polycarbonate functions as a safeguard, and its application to a bench top suggests a concentration on targeted security in zones where bench-oriented duties are performed....
Examination Gloves Nitrile
Examination Gloves Nitrile offer a reliable barrier against bio and chem risks while ensuring safety and precision in scientific and lab environments. They are puncture-resistant and latex-free, making them suitable...
Examination Gloves Latex
XS / Pack of 100S / Pack of 100M / Pack of 100L / Pack of 100XL / Pack of 90
Examination Gloves Latex are essential for safe and precise handling of lab equipment and hazardous substances. These gloves provide a secure grip and reliable protection against biological and chemical hazards....
Laboratory Apron Rubberised
This Laboratory Apron, Rubberised, is designed to protect individuals working in lab and industrial settings where liquids and chemicals are present. Its durable rubberized material forms a barrier against splashes,...
Lab Safety Goggles
$12.98 – $16.98
Lab Safety Goggles are essential protective equipment designed to defend the eyes from potential hazards within laboratory settings. They act as barrier against chemical splashes, dust, and other floating particles...
TGA Listed Face Masks 4 Ply
TGA Listed Facemasks are manufactured to the specifications of ASTM 2100 Level 3, a 4 Ply non-woven fabric with the ear loop, and are widely used in medical, dental, laboratory, food...
Lab Safety Glasses
Designed to protect eyes from lab hazards, Lab Safety Glasses provide essential protection. Created to be durable and impact-resistant, they feature wrap-around coverage and anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for reduced...
Lab Coats, Full Sleeves, Knee length, White -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
White Lab Coats with Full Sleeves Knee Length are essential for safety in the lab. These protective garments are designed from robust materials to defend the upper body from exposure...
Lab Coats, Full Sleeves, White -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$29.98 – $34.98
Lab Coats Full Sleeves are a critical component of protective attire for laboratory professionals. Constructed of durable fabrics, they provide full-length arm coverage and serve as a protective barrier against...
Lab Coats, Half Sleeves, White -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$22.98 – $24.98
White Lab Coats Half Sleeves are protective uniforms often worn in medical and lab settings. Crafted with durable, easy-to-clean fabrics, they guard against fluid or substance contact, keeping clothes safe....
Crimped Hairnet Disposable Blue -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
This Disposable Blue Crimped Hairnet stops hair from contaminating manufactured products. Prevents contamination. Breathable material. Pack of 100
Disposable Face Masks 3Ply
Disposable Face Masks 3Ply : These face masks are made of 3-ply non woven fabric with an earloop and are widely used in Beauty salons, medical, dental, laboratory, food sectors, schools,...
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