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Glass Blowing Super Thick Tubes 25mm
$19.98 – $99.98
22mm OD Glass Blowing Tubes Super Thick Wall 1.8mm effectively facilitate shaping and fabrication of glassware for laboratory, scientific and glass working applications. These tubes provide excellent thermal resistance and...
47mm Membrane Polysulfone Funnel Set
$422.98 $399.98
The 47mm Membrane Funnel Set provides accurate and rapid filtration for lab applications, boasting a design that facilitates filtration with accuracy and ease. Expertly crafted to guarantee a streamlined filtration...
Absorber and Radio Active Source Support Rack
This specialized rack is designed to securely hold both the radioactive source and chosen absorber in perfect alignment.  Product Code: SE.PA0031-001 Brand: IEC
Absorbers for Radiation Study
Absorbers For Radiation Study Set of 24 With Holder allows for the analysis of radioactive energy absorption. This set is designed to attenuate or absorb radiation from sources like gamma...
AC Circuits Experiment Set
This AC Circuits Experiment Set is designed for students learning about AC theory. The sturdy enclosure contains heavy duty Chokes, Capacitors, and Resistors, capable of handling up to 240V.AC. Each...
Recording Timer Kit
This durable Recording Timer Kit is commonly used in schools and is able to withstand vibration without needing to be clamped down. It can also be held on a retort...
AC Theory Electricity Kit
The AC Theory Electricity Kit includes components for conducting experiments on AC electrical theory. It also includes a precise digital signal source that allows students to observe the impact of...
Acrylic Lens and Prisms Set of 7
Acrylic Lens and Prisms Set is an essential for optical component used in laboratories for magnification and light manipulation, and demonstrating refraction, dispersion, and spectrum analysis. This set provides the...
Additional Funnels Cylindrical
$29.98 – $62.98
Cylindrical funnels provide accurate and consistent liquid transfer. The shape facilitates a steady and uniform flow of liquid, decreasing the risk of splashing and enhancing accuracy while pouring, particularly with...
Adjustable Pulley on G Clamp
The Adjustable Pulley on G Clamp is a versatile tool commonly used in various physics applications, such as experiments involving forces, friction, and motion, on lab tables or inclined boards....
Analytical Electronic Balances
$0.00 – $7,085.00
The GR Series Advanced Analytical Electronic Balances are used for obtaining precise measurements in scientific experiments and analyses. They are relied upon in quality control labs to ensure consistency and...
Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitor
The Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitors is a type of capacitor used in electrical circuits for storing and releasing electrical energy. These are essential in applications related to electricity and magnetism,...