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Tweezers/Forceps, Straight Blunt Points, SS -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$2.28 – $9.68
Tweezers Forceps Straight Blunt Points provide precision during delicate procedures. Crafted with an exacting eye, features such as straight and blunt tips are designed to gently manipulate specimens, while reducing...
Tweezers Forceps Straight Fine Points
$2.29 – $7.39
Designed with precision and excellent accuracy for handling small objects, these Straight Fine-Point Tweezers Forceps are crafted with utmost care for use in laboratory and scientific settings. They feature a...
Tweezers Forceps Curved Blunt Points
$3.78 – $5.98
Tweezers Forceps with Curved Blunt Points offer precise handling of delicate and small objects in laboratory and medical environments. Manufactured to exacting standards, these forceps deliver a secure grip and...
Tweezers/Forceps, Curved Fine Points, SS -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$3.48 – $13.48
Tweezers Forceps Curved Fine Points are a must-have precision instrument for any laboratory or scientific environment. Corrosion resistance with curved fine points offer unparalleled control and accuracy when handling delicate,...
Plastic Tweezer
Plastic Tweezers are essential for sample handling and experimentation. Because of their non-reactivity, various samples can be managed without contamination or undesired chemical reactions. These tweezers are particularly helpful for...
Teasing Needle
The Teasing Needle is specifically crafted for the purpose of manipulating and separating fragile biological specimens, making it an essential tool for professionals in the industry. It is commonly used...
Micro Needle Curved Flat Handle
The Micro Needle Curved Flat Handle is specifically crafted for microsurgical procedures which require precision on minute anatomical structures, often requiring the use of a microscope for enhanced visualization. The...
Forcep Type Scissors
  Forcep Type Scissors are specially designed for precise and intricate cutting applications in medical and laboratory settings. By combining the features of forceps and scissors, these instruments provide superior...
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