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Glass Blowing Super Thick Tubes 25mm
$19.98 – $99.98
22mm OD Glass Blowing Tubes Super Thick Wall 1.8mm effectively facilitate shaping and fabrication of glassware for laboratory, scientific and glass working applications. These tubes provide excellent thermal resistance and...
47mm Membrane Polysulfone Funnel Set
$422.98 $399.98
The 47mm Membrane Funnel Set provides accurate and rapid filtration for lab applications, boasting a design that facilitates filtration with accuracy and ease. Expertly crafted to guarantee a streamlined filtration...
Additional Funnels Cylindrical
$29.98 – $62.98
Cylindrical funnels provide accurate and consistent liquid transfer. The shape facilitates a steady and uniform flow of liquid, decreasing the risk of splashing and enhancing accuracy while pouring, particularly with...
Air Condenser column
$19.98 – $59.98
Air Condenser Borosilicate Glass is composed of a straight tube and a coiled inner pipe, gas and vapor condensation occurs through the passage of a coolant. Well-suited for distillation systems,...
All Glass Filtration Assembly
$399.98 $299.98
An All-Glass Filtration Assembly is a necessary element for laboratory filtering operations.  The All Glass Filtration Assembly 47mm complete set is a laboratory apparatus used for filtering liquids in chemical...
Allihn (Bulb) Condensers -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$39.98 – $69.98
Allihn Bulb Condensers enable greater condensation efficiency with their distinctive design that features multiple bulbs along the tube for broadened area coverage. This facilitates a superior cooling process by providing...
Allihn Condensers for Soxhlet -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip
$39.98 – $64.98
Allihn Condensers for Soxhlet are essential to a laboratory setting. With bulb formations along the full length, they provide an increased surface area, cooling and condensing the solvent for optimized...
Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout
$21.98 $13.99
This Aluminum Displacement Overflow Can, crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminum, offers long-term reliability in any laboratory setting. Its secure lid and wide opening minimize the risk of spillage while collecting and...
Amber Reagent Wide Mouth Bottles HDPE
$3.39 – $27.59
Amber Reagent Wide Mouth Bottles HDPE preserve light-sensitive substances. The amber tint protects from photodegradation, making them optimal for handling light-sensitive chemicals or reagents. The wide mouth increases convenience, making...
Analytical Funnels Polypropylene
$0.58 – $2.04
Analytical Funnels Polypropylene represents essential apparatus in laboratories for various analytical and filtration tasks. These funnels are particularly suitable for a wide array of applications, including separating and transferring substances.  Analytical...
Animal Feeding Bottles
$5.98 – $7.98
Animal Feeding Bottles are carefully designed to provide precise and regulated nourishment to animals in research or treatment settings. The nipples or teats recreate a natural feeding experience, making them...
Aspirator Bottles, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$39.98 – $179.98
Aspirator Bottles Polypropylene are essential laboratory instruments, designed for the secure disposal of liquids. These bottles offer outstanding chemical stability, enabling them to safely contain and dispose of a mixture...
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