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Glass Tubing Cutter -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
A Glass Tubing Cutter is a specialized device designed for efficient and precise cutting of glass tubes in commercial and industrial environments. This has a sharp wheel for scoring glass tubes...
$499.98 – $999.98
A Heating Mantle is a laboratory device that allows even electrical heating of glassware. It is made up of a heat-resistant element wrapped around a glass or metallic core, providing...
Lab Coats, Full Sleeves, Knee length, White -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
White Lab Coats with Full Sleeves Knee Length are essential for safety in the lab. These protective garments are designed from robust materials to defend the upper body from exposure...
Digital Thermometer Waterproof -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Digital Thermometer Waterproof is a reliable measuring device built to withstand harsh conditions. It is waterproof and can withstand exposure to liquids without being compromised. The thermometer's digital display offers...
Lab Mini Vacuum Pump
The Lab Mini Vacuum Pump is an ideal choice for laboratory use, providing quiet operations and minimal vibration. Perfect for space-saving, this efficient device helps to create a vacuum environment...
Hot plate strrer with probe
Hot plate with Magnetic Stirrer and Probe: Rev up your lab experiments with this hot new gadget! Our Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers boast a 500w heating element and a powerful magnet...
ASTM Test Sieves Stainless Steel 316 Grade
$234.98 – $449.98
ASTM Test Sieves Stainless Steel 316 Grade are well-crafted instruments engineered for detailed particle size analysis in many industries. These sieves comply with exacting ASTM benchmarks. The heavy-duty material ensures...
Lab Safety Glasses
Designed to protect eyes from lab hazards, Lab Safety Glasses provide essential protection. Created to be durable and impact-resistant, they feature wrap-around coverage and anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for reduced...
Lab Safety Goggles
$12.98 – $16.98
Lab Safety Goggles are essential protective equipment designed to defend the eyes from potential hazards within laboratory settings. They act as barrier against chemical splashes, dust, and other floating particles...
Lab Coats, Full Sleeves, White -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$29.98 – $34.98
Lab Coats Full Sleeves are a critical component of protective attire for laboratory professionals. Constructed of durable fabrics, they provide full-length arm coverage and serve as a protective barrier against...
Bosshead Zinc 360 Degree Rotatable
$28.98 $25.98
The Bosshead Zinc 360 Degree Rotatable provides robust support for clamps, enabling 360 degree rotation to secure various lab equipment in place. Suited for a retort stand, its versatile design...
Quartz Cuvettes With Lid
Quartz Cuvettes with Lids are laboratory vessels for maximum optical clarity for spectrophotometric measurements. Their durable construction and resistance to chemical corrosion make them well-suited for precision absorbance and fluorescence...