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Filter Funnels, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$2.18 – $32.98
These Glass Filter funnels are made of Borosilicate 3.3 glass making them high resistance to chemicals and temperature. These funnels have a 60° cone angle making them ideal for vacuum filtration or...
Separating Funnels Pear Shape, With Interchangeable Stopper and Glass/PTFE Stopcock, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$22.98 – $999.98
Separating Funnels Pear Shape is made with Borosilicate Glass and comes with an Interchangeable Stopper. You have a choice of either buying with Glass/PTFE Stopcock. These funnels are constructed for...
Powder Funnels with NS Cone, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$9.98 – $49.98
Powder funnels featuring an NS cone provide an efficient and precise transfer of powders and granules. The funnel shape helps users pour materials with accuracy, a must when transferring to...
Buchner Funnels Sintered
$34.98 – $239.98
Buchner Funnels Sintered are constructed of sintered glass or porcelain to provide a reliable solution for vacuum filtration and solid-liquid separation processes. Their design features a sintered disc within the...
Additional Funnels Cylindrical
$29.98 – $62.98
Cylindrical funnels provide accurate and consistent liquid transfer. The shape facilitates a steady and uniform flow of liquid, decreasing the risk of splashing and enhancing accuracy while pouring, particularly with...
Weighing Scoops, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$12.98 – $22.98
Weighing scoops made from borosilicate glass are essential for accurate and precise measurements in laboratory environments. High-quality glass construction ensures the scoops are resistant to chemicals and can endure long-term...
Pressure Equalizing Funnels, Cylindrical, Graduated, PTFE Stopcock, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$59.98 – $109.98
Constant Pressure Equalizing Funnels with PTFE Stopcocks offer precise and controlled liquid transfer in laboratory settings. Built with top-grade PTFE, these stopcocks provide outstanding chemical resistivity and reliability, equalizing the...
Separatory Funnel PTFE Stopcock Kit
$64.98 – $329.98
This separating funnel kit with a PTFE stopcock, is an indispensable tool for precise liquid separations in laboratory settings. It's engineered to reliably and precisely extract elements based on their density...
Dropping Funnels Cylindrical
$35.98 – $126.98
Cylindrical dropping funnels are indispensable laboratory tools ideal for laboratory processes that require an exact and gradual addition of substances. Their cylindrical structure ensures a consistent flow of liquids, enabling...
Glass Constant Pressure Equalizing Funnels
$37.98 – $84.98
Glass Pressure Equalizing Funnels are must-have instruments in lab settings, designed for consistent liquid transfers. The addition of a sidearm ensures pressure release during transport, while their borosilicate glass construction...
Thistle Top Funnels
Thistle Top Funnels are laboratory instruments frequently employed for regulated liquid transfer. They have long tubes with enlarged tops, resembling a thistle, permitting accurate pouring or directed dispensation of liquids...
Constant Pressure Equalising Addition Rotaflow Funnel
$32.97 – $39.98
The Constant Pressure Equalising Addition Rotaflow Funnel is an essential tool for laboratories, providing a consistent liquid addition rate. The funnel maintains constant pressure while adding liquids, ensuring a regulated...
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