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Glass Celsius Thermometer 300mm Yellow Backed Mercury
High-quality glass spirit thermometers come with a yellow background and are filled with Mercury.  These thermometers are 300 mm long and come with a Least Count of 1.0, which means they are...
Glass Celsius Thermometer, Yellow Backed, Red Alcohol -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$8.00 – $16.00
Glass Celsius Thermometer Yellow Backed Red Alcohol These high-quality glass spirit thermometers come with a yellow background and are filled with Red Alcohol making them easy to read.  These thermometers are 300...
Digital Thermometer Waterproof -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Digital Thermometer Waterproof is a reliable measuring device built to withstand harsh conditions. It is waterproof and can withstand exposure to liquids without being compromised. The thermometer's digital display offers...
Glass Celsius Thermometer Mercury
This Glass Celsius Thermometer accurately measures temperatures and a length of 450mm allows temperature readings at various depths or altitudes within different containers or setups. Glass Celsius thermometers come with...
Glass Celsius Thermometer
Glass Celsius thermometer includes a 600mm tube of mercury for precise temperature readings in laboratory and industrial settings. It has a wide temperature range due to the expansion of mercury...
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer by Medicare India provides accurate and quick temperature readings and it has an LCD display. It is perfect for personal use/ body temperature measurement. It is compact in...
Specific Gravity Hydrometers
$77.00 – $99.00
High-grade Certified Specific Gravity Hydrometers are used to measure the relative density of liquids. These are calibrated to confirm with certified standards, allowing for consistent measurement results. The graduated scale...
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