Claisen Still Head Adapter

Claisen Still Head Adapter


Socket/Cone: S24/C14/C14/C24

SKU: 15.00.0901CH-1

The Claisen Still Head Adapter is an essential piece of laboratory distillation equipment, often used in organic chemistry. This adapter facilitates the connection of various glass components, allowing for numerous laboratory accessories to be attached, such as thermometers and condensers, resulting in a versatile distillation setup.

Claisen Still Head Adapter is manufactured from BOROSILICATE 3.3 GLASS. This adapter gives you two outlets when joint with the reaction vessel. 

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Item Code Socket Socket Cone Fitting Flask Cone Fitting Condenser
15.00.0901CH-1 24/29 14/23 24/29 14/23
15.00.0901CH-2 24/29 24/29 24/29 24/29


Packing: 1Pc/Pk

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S24/C14/C14/C24, S24/C24/C24/C24
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