Fused Quartz Beakers, Low Form with Spout, High Temperature

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  • Ultra-high-temperature usage up to 1000°C
  • Highly Reliable
  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance
  • Blue Inscriptions for clear visibility
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This high quality, Fused Quartz beakers are ideal for laboratories where high-temperature testing is required. These beakers provide high purity, optical transparency, low thermal expansion, excellent thermal shock, and resistance to a large number of elements and compounds. All beakers are graduated with Blue Inscription and comes with a pouring spout. These beakers can be heated on an open flame and are Dishwasher and Heat-safe. Fused Quartz consists of high-purity Silica (SiO2).

Item CodeCapacity (ml)Dia. (mm)Height (mm)
T 4710504455
T 47201005470
T 47301506082
T 47402507088
T 475040080100
T 476050082108
T 477060090117
T 4780800100127
T 47901000102142


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