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Beakers Tall Form with Spout Fused Quartz

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Title: 100ML

SKU: T 4820

Fused Quartz Beakers boosts accuracy when transferring liquids, eliminating the chance of leakage and guaranteeing accurate pouring. Fused quartz exhibits thermal durability, making these beakers suitable for experiments involving extreme heat, preserving their structural endurance and consistency.

This tall-form quartz beaker is the perfect solution for accurate, reliable measurement. Designed with a fused spout, it is crafted from transparent quartz, making it resistant to acids and alkali solutions. Non-porous material ensures long-term durability and accurate results.

Fused Quartz beakers are ideal for laboratories where high-temperature testing is required. These beakers provide high quality, purity, optical transparency, low thermal expansion, excellent thermal shock, and resistance to a large number of elements and compounds. All beakers are graduated with Blue or White Inscriptions and come with a pouring spout. These beakers can be heated on an open flame and are Dishwasher and Heat-safe. Fused Quartz consists of high-purity Silica (SiO2).
  • Ultra-high-temperature usage up to 1000°C
  • Highly Reliable
  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance
  • Blue or White Inscriptions for clear visibility
Item Code Capacity (ml) Dia. (mm) Height (mm)
T 4800 25 31 54
T 4810 50 42 70
T 4820 100 53 78
T 4830 150 56 87
T 4840 250 64 106
T 4850 400 73 115
T 4860 500 85 140
T 4880 1000 107 157
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