Quartz Cuvettes With Lid


Quartz Cuvettes with Lids are laboratory vessels for maximum optical clarity for spectrophotometric measurements. Their durable construction and resistance to chemical corrosion make them well-suited for precision absorbance and fluorescence analyses. These cuvettes ensure dependable performance in diverse lab conditions, making them an ideal choice for scientists and researchers.

Quartz Cuvettes with Lid are precise and contaminant-free sample analysis in the lab environment. They are remarkable for optical clarity, delivering reliable results with spectrophotometry testing and other experiments. The lids guarantee a secure closure, preserving sample integrity and resulting in reproducible readings.

Quartz Cuvettes with Lid are a pack of two Acromec Quartz cuvettes for use with spectrophotometers, Fluorometer, Tintometer, Colorimeter, Polarimeter & Other Leaser Applications, and Flow Cells. Each cuvette is a standard Round Bottom cuvette with two polished sides.

• Spectral range: 190–2500nm
• Path length: 10mm
• Exterior dimensions: 12.5mm (width), 12.5mm (length) and 45mm (height)
• Interior dimensions: 10mm (width) and 10mm (length)
• Nominal volume: 3.5mL

• 2 Starna Cells quartz cuvettes (3.5mL) with Conformity Certificate
• 2 lids

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