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Micropipettes Fixed Volume, Premium RBO-F Series -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$149.98 – $169.98
Micropipettes Fixed Volume Premium RBO-F Series are designed for reliable and precise liquid transfer, making them ideal for experimental or lab settings. These micropipettes feature fixed volumes, ensuring consistent results....
Mortar and Pestle Glass
$6.00 – $37.05
The Mortar and Pestle Glass, a fundamental tool in chemistry, pharmacology, and biology, for facilitating the manual grinding and mixing of substances, ensuring the homogeneity of samples for precise measurements...
Micro Magnetic Stirrers -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Micro Magnetic Stirrers offer a compact and efficient way to stir small quantities of liquid in lab settings, using magnetic fields to drive the stirring action. These devices are comprised...
Pen Type EC/TDS Meter, Aquasol -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
The Pen Type EC/TDS Meter Aquasol is a handheld tool beneficial for determining electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) of water or other aqueous solutions. Compact and easy...
Magnetic Stirrer Economy
upto 2Ltrupto 5Ltr
$139.98 – $239.98
The Magnetic Stirrer Economy is an affordable and efficient tool for laboratories that require liquid mixing. It operates via a rotating magnetic field, to drive a small stir bar placed...
Bench Mat Heat Resistant
$4.80 – $8.40
The Bench Mat Heat Resistant is a necessary accessory in laboratory safety equipment. Its high-temperature tolerance and durable design shield laboratory benches and workstations from potential damage caused by hot...
Examination Gloves Nitrile
Examination Gloves Nitrile offer a reliable barrier against bio and chem risks while ensuring safety and precision in scientific and lab environments. They are puncture-resistant and latex-free, making them suitable...
Weight Set, Cylindrical Shape with Wooden Box, Brass/Stainless Steel -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$149.98 – $199.98
Weight Sets are collections of precise, standardized weights that are required in calibration processes for scales and balances. These are designed to be durable and deliver stable measurements. The different...
Weigh Boats
7ml / 44x44x7mm30ml / 85x60x15mm100ml / 80x80x22mm250ml / 140x140x24mm
$14.30 – $62.40
Weigh Boats serve as containment vessels in analytical chemistry, accurately measuring and transferring small quantities of substances for tasks such as weighing reagents or samples for quantitative analysis. In microbiology,...
Mortar and Pestle Spare Pestle
60mm / Pack of 5100mm / Pack of 5120mm / Pack of 5145mm / Pack of 5200mm / Pack of 5
$10.40 – $22.75
The spare pestle is a supplementary or alternate tool intended to be paired with a mortar and pestle set. These sets are frequently utilized in laboratories and diverse fields of...
Vacuum Pump Dual Stage
VALUE Vacuum Pump Dual Stage is a strong and dependable solution engineered for a variety of tasks that necessitate a powerful vacuum level. Its dual-stage design allows for deeper vacuum...
Micro Pipette Stand
The Micro Pipette Stand is an ideal lab accessory that offers a stable and upright storage solution that prevents damage to delicate pipette tips and contamination. It also features distinct...