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Laboratory Filter Papers, Pack of 100 -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$8.98 – $49.98
Lab Filter Papers in packs of 100, are must-haves for numerous lab filtration uses. Filter papers are reliable and effective in particle capture when conducting filtrations. Laboratories in a variety...
pH Indicator Strips, Pack of 200 -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$21.98 – $23.98
pH test strips show precise pH values as the different colours do not mix at the point of testing. A pH indicator is chemically bonded to the cellulose fibre and provides a...
TGA Listed Face Masks 4 Ply
TGA Listed Facemasks are manufactured to the specifications of ASTM 2100 Level 3, a 4 Ply non-woven fabric with the ear loop, and are widely used in medical, dental, laboratory, food...
Sealing Film, Parafilm -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
10 cm x 3800 cm5 cm x 7600 cm
Parafilm® M is a unique, versatile, moisture-resistant, thermoplastic flexible plastic used for a wide variety of clinical and industrial applications. Parafilm® M film has been used in scientific research and...
Litmus Papers, Blue/Red, 100 Pcs/Pk. -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
These Standard packs of litmus paper strips are used to indicate whether a solution is neutral, acidic or alkali. Under alkaline conditions, red litmus paper turns blue and under acidic...
25mm Syringe Filter with NYLON Membrane 0.45um, Various Pack Sizes -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Syringe Filters NYLON Membrane are essential for laboratory filtration applications. Their chemical compatibility allows them to be used with many solvents and aqueous solutions without breakdown. These filters eliminate undesired...
Pall Nylon Membrane Filter, Life Sciences -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Pall Membrane Filter, Life Sciences, Ultipore N6,6 Nylon, 0.45um Pore 47mm Diameter, Pack of 100: These  Nylon membranes from Pall offers unsurpassed sensitivity, low background, and lot-to-lot consistency for all...
Examination Gloves Nitrile
Examination Gloves Nitrile offer a reliable barrier against bio and chem risks while ensuring safety and precision in scientific and lab environments. They are puncture-resistant and latex-free, making them suitable...
Disposable Face Masks 3Ply
Disposable Face Masks 3Ply : These face masks are made of 3-ply non woven fabric with an earloop and are widely used in Beauty salons, medical, dental, laboratory, food sectors, schools,...
Litmus Paper
$6.50 – $8.45
Litmus paper is commonly used for determining pH levels. Its blue variety indicates acidity when it turns red, while the red variety turns blue to represent basicity. In contrast, neutral...
Taste Test Paper
$7.80 – $10.40
Our Taste Test Papers are formulated for precise taste testing purposes, including control tests and experiments with PTC, sodium benzoate, and thiourea. Each vial of our product contains 100 strips,...
Filter Syringe Nylon
0.8um x 25mm0.22um x 13mm0.22um x 25mm0.22um x 33mm0.45um x 5mm0.45um x 13mm0.45um x 25mm0.45um x 33mm
$65.00 – $240.00
Filter Syringe Nylon is a tool used in the laboratory filtration space, delivering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. This syringe filter is a cornerstone of laboratory consumables thanks to its robust...