Magnetic Stirrers with Hotplate & Digital Speed Indicator

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers Digital Speed Indicator


Capacity: 2000ml


The Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers with Digital Speed Indicator are an essential piece of equipment for labs requiring precise and controlled mixing operations. With a digital speed indicator, users can make accurate adjustments to the stir speed to match the desired experiment. This device is versatile in its applications, including chemistry synthesis, sample prep, and biotechnology.

A magnetic Stirrer with a hot plate is similar to the magnetic stirrer but has an additional stainless steel hot plate. A permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) motor gives high torque even at lower speeds and maintains speed stability despite viscosity or volume changes. Heat energy is controlled by the energy regulator. Accurate steeples speed control allows smooth variation up to 1200 rpm during acceleration or deceleration of spin speeds and ensures maximum stirring performance, every time. Ideal for routine stirring applications in research, life science, quality analysis, and industrial and clinical labs.

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Note: End User Declaration required for the purchase of 500ml and above capacity.


  • PMDC motor for higher torque even at low speeds
  • Better speed regulation even with small volume and low speeds
  • Accurate speed control maintains excellent speed stability.
  • Digital Speed Indicator for displaying stirring speed
  • Totally enclosed unit
  • Designed for use even in the corrosive atmosphere
  • 1 High-quality stir bar is included to ensure maximum stirring performance.
    Models Stirring Capacity (ml) Heating Capacity (Watts) External Dimensions (W x D x H) mm Free Stir Bar Size (1Pc)
    1 MLH 1000 150 200 x 225 x 185 8 x 25 mm
    2 MLH 2000 300 200 x 225 x 185 9 x 35 mm
    5 MLH 5000 500 200 x 225 x 185 10 x 50 mm


    Package includes:
    • 1 Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate
    • 1 Low voltage power adapter converter

    Brand: Remi                             Packing: 1 Pc/Pk.

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    2000ml, 5000ml
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