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Oil free Vacuum Pump
This Diaphragm Oil-Free Vacuum Pump offers a sophisticated, contamination-free vacuum source ideal for laboratory use. Its diaphragm-based construction eliminates the need for lubricating oils, preventing sample contamination and maintaining a...
Laboratory Stirrers Overhead
$1,199.98 – $2,498.98
Laboratory Stirrers Overhead enable stirring and mixing of solutions without direct contact with the samples. Mounted on lab stands, these stirrers are powered by an overhead motor, usually driving a...
Geological Specimens Rocks
$26.00 – $74.10
Geological Specimens Rocks serve as a repository for learning about sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, offering hands-on experiences for students. These specimens provide foundational resources for understanding the complex geological...
Water distillation Kit
$2,899.98 $1,999.98
A Water Distillation Kit is an indispensable tool for generating safe drinking water, as it is an efficient approach to purify water for consumption. The kit boils the water to...
Lab Coats, Half Sleeves, White -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$22.98 – $24.98
White Lab Coats Half Sleeves are protective uniforms often worn in medical and lab settings. Crafted with durable, easy-to-clean fabrics, they guard against fluid or substance contact, keeping clothes safe....
pH ELECTRODE, CAPJ Model -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
PH ELECTRODE, CAPJ Model is a specialized sensor engineered to deliver accurate pH measurements in laboratory and industrial settings. Its construction with resilient materials and sensitive glass membrane allows it...
Nichrome Wire
$32.50 – $39.00
Nichrome wire is comprised of nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr), creating a highly durable resistance wire. Its exceptional properties include a high melting point, resistance to corrosion, and the ability...
U-Form Drying Tube Glass
$6.50 – $10.40
The U-Form Drying Tube Glass is mainly used in organic chemistry labs as a moisture-absorbing device, preventing atmospheric moisture from entering during chemical reactions. In biochemistry, the U-Form Drying Tube...
Square Prism Glass
$10.40 – $15.60
A Square Prism Glass is a specialized glass component with a square shape that is commonly utilized in optics experiments and educational environments to illustrate various properties of light, such...
Mortar and Pestle Glass
$6.00 – $37.05
The Mortar and Pestle Glass, a fundamental tool in chemistry, pharmacology, and biology, for facilitating the manual grinding and mixing of substances, ensuring the homogeneity of samples for precise measurements...
Concave Mirror
50mm / 5cm50mm / 7.5cm50mm / 10cm50mm / 15cm50mm / 20cm50mm / 25cm50mm / 30cm50mm / 50cm75mm / 7.5cm75mm / 10cm75mm / 15cm75mm / 20cm75mm / 25cm75mm / 30cm75mm / 50cm
$32.50 – $45.50
A Concave Mirror has a curved surface that converges light rays, making it indispensable in experiments involving optics, physics, and astronomy. Its reflective properties enable the manipulation and focusing of...
Filter Syringe Nylon
0.8um x 25mm0.22um x 13mm0.22um x 25mm0.22um x 33mm0.45um x 5mm0.45um x 13mm0.45um x 25mm0.45um x 33mm
$65.00 – $240.00
Filter Syringe Nylon is a tool used in the laboratory filtration space, delivering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. This syringe filter is a cornerstone of laboratory consumables thanks to its robust...
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