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Vaccum Filtration Kit
$134.98 – $489.98
This Vacuum Filtration Kit With Automatic Mini Vacuum Pump sets up laboratories for streamlined operation, offering precise filtration with consistent suction. The kit includes a vacuum pump, filtration apparatus, and...
Gas Washing Bottles with Head
$69.98 – $139.98
Gas washing bottles with a head purify gases or remove moisture. Their built-in head improves gas flow, enabling efficient removal of any impurities or moisture.A crucial tool in chemical reactions,...
plain glass flasks non printed
$3.98 – $109.98
Plain Glass Flasks Non Printed offer a smooth, clear surface ideal for countless applications like mixing solutions, storing liquids, or performing chemical reactions. These flasks offer an ideal, pure environment...
Retort Stands, 200 x 125mm, Mild Steel -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$23.98 – $47.98
Retort Stands Burette Stand Metal Sheet is a crucial tool in lab experiments and analyses. Its strong base and vertical rod provide steadiness throughout the process, reducing the risk of...
TGA Listed Face Masks 4 Ply
TGA Listed Facemasks are manufactured to the specifications of ASTM 2100 Level 3, a 4 Ply non-woven fabric with the ear loop, and are widely used in medical, dental, laboratory, food...
ASTM Test Sieves Stainless Steel 316 Grade
$234.98 – $449.98
ASTM Test Sieves Stainless Steel 316 Grade are well-crafted instruments engineered for detailed particle size analysis in many industries. These sieves comply with exacting ASTM benchmarks. The heavy-duty material ensures...
Concave Cavity Slides
$3.49 – $4.49
Concave Cavity Slides feature a concave well or cavity within the slide, which can be used for confining and studying liquid samples under a microscope. This design is advantageous for...
Fused Silica Quartz Crucibles
$34.98 – $124.98
Fused Silica/Quartz Crucibles are designed for use in laboratory settings. They are optimized for extreme temperatures and chemical environments, withstanding harsh conditions to deliver reliable, accurate results. Suited for a...
Glass Celsius Thermometer Mercury
This Glass Celsius Thermometer accurately measures temperatures and a length of 450mm allows temperature readings at various depths or altitudes within different containers or setups. Glass Celsius thermometers come with...
Fused Quartz Beakers Low Form
$29.98 – $299.98
Fused Quartz Beakers Low Form provide consistent precision in laboratory experiments, thanks to their manufacturing from high-quality quartz. These beakers possess optimal clarity, thermal stability, and resistance to chemicals, rendering...
25mm Syringe Filter with NYLON Membrane 0.45um, Various Pack Sizes -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Syringe Filters NYLON Membrane are essential for laboratory filtration applications. Their chemical compatibility allows them to be used with many solvents and aqueous solutions without breakdown. These filters eliminate undesired...
Separatory Funnel PTFE Stopcock Kit
$64.98 – $329.98
This separating funnel kit with a PTFE stopcock, is an indispensable tool for precise liquid separations in laboratory settings. It's engineered to reliably and precisely extract elements based on their density...