Concave Cavity Slides

Concave Cavity Slides


Type: Single Concave cavity

Single Concave cavity
Double Concave cavity
Triple Concave cavity
SKU: RS.10.00.1CA

Concave Cavity Slides feature a concave well or cavity within the slide, which can be used for confining and studying liquid samples under a microscope. This design is advantageous for examining specimens submerged in a fluid or for applications that necessitate a limited volume of liquid.

These slides are optimized for a range of laboratory tasks, such as cell culture, microscopy, and tests.

Concave Cavity Slides are ground and polished and are used in holding cultures and liquid for microscopic examination. The design is both sleek and efficient, offering an easy, secure way to view slides.

Pack Size: 1Pc/Pk

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Single Concave cavity, Double Concave cavity, Triple Concave cavity
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