Glass Reaction Vessel With Lid & Clamp

Glass Reaction Vessel With Lid & Clamp


Capacity/Centre Socket: 2000/B24

24/24/24LID only 5000ml Vessel
SKU: RV15.00.10121

Glass Reaction Vessel With Lid & Clamp is deal for a range of chemistry experiments. The lid and clamp combination ensures that the vessel is completely sealed, allowing for both the control and maintenance of reaction conditions. It is also suitable for synthesis, mixing or heat-driven reactions, offering accuracy and safety.

This high-quality glass reaction vessel has a lid and clamps that make it ideal for conducting chemical reactions in a controlled environment. The borosilicate glass material is resistant to thermal shock and the reliable clamp ensures an airtight seal. Ensure accurate results with a safe and efficient glass reaction vessel.

Reaction Vessels 3 Neck With Lid and Clamp are made of Borosilicate 3.3 Glass. The lids/covers have a contact surface that is finely ground to provide a tight seal. Featuring a flat flange, these pressed lids have a centre neck and two side necks with outer Standard Taper joints as per the table below.

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Item Code Nominal Capacity (ml) Centre Socket Side Socket
RV15.00.10121 2000 24/29 24/29
RV15.00.10122 2000 34/35 24/29
RV15.00.10123 5000 24/29 24/29
RV15.00.10124 5000 34/35 24/29
RV15.00.10125 10000 24/29 24/29
RV15.00.10126 10000 34/35 24/29
RV15.00.10127 20000 24/29 24/29
RV15.00.10128 20000 34/35 24/29
Additional Information
Capacity/Centre Socket

2000/B24, 2000/B34, 5000/B24, 5000/B34, 10000/B24, 10000/B34, 20000/B24, 20000/B34, 24/24/24LID only 5000ml Vessel
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