Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap

Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap


Size: 15.00.Rot.Bump.19/22

SKU: Bump.Trap.250ml

The rotary evaporator bump trap is a critical component in lab rotary evaporation workflows. Its purpose is to prevent the liquid from "bumping" into the condenser, a sudden, forceful expulsion of liquid from the boiling flask that can result in sample loss or process disruption.

The rotary evaporator bump trap safeguards samples while providing reliable, accurate results for greater efficiency and safety.

Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap:

Size: 250ml

Material: Borosilicate Glass 3.3

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Item Code Cone Size Socket Size Pcs/Pk.
15.00.Rot.Bump.19/22 19/22 29/42 1
15.00.Rot.Bump.24/40 24/40 29/42 1
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15.00.Rot.Bump.19/22, 15.00.Rot.Bump.24/40
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