Vacuum Cold Trap


Joint Size: 34/45

SKU: 13.00.0101CT

A Vacuum Cold Trap is a staple apparatus in laboratories for the safe collection of vapors and volatile compounds. It works by cooling the inner surface, typically with dry ice or another refrigerant, which causes these compounds to condense and be rapidly captured, away from the vacuum pumps and the lab itself. 

The Vacuum Cold Trap is a device used to condense vapors and gases that are pulled through a vacuum system. It uses a cold trap to capture and condense the vapors and gases, protecting the vacuum from contamination. It is an effective and reliable way to reduce the risk of contamination. This VACUUM COLD TRAP is manufactured from thick wall BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass and has excellent thermal performance and is highly resistant to chemical attacks.

Dishwasher and Heat-safe.

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13.00.0101CT 34/45 40 250
13.00.0102CT 45/50 50 300

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34/45, 45/50
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