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$29.00 – $92.00
The Impinger Midget Air Sampler Bubbler offers assists in the collection of airborne contaminants. This device operates by bubbling air through a trapping solution, enabling the capture of particles. Its...
Jointed Chromatography Sprayer
50ml50ml Jointed100ml Jointed150ml150ml Jointed
$16.00 – $26.00
A Chromatography Sprayer Atomiser is a key tool for chromatography. This precisely aims a solvent onto a stationary phase or substrate in order to separate the components of a sample....
Weighing Scoops, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$13.00 – $18.00
Weighing scoops made from borosilicate glass are essential for accurate and precise measurements in laboratory environments. High-quality glass construction ensures the scoops are resistant to chemicals and can endure long-term...
Warming Coil Septa Support
A Warming Coil Septa Support is a tool to provide consistent, precise temperatures for chromatography. The device facilitates even heat distribution throughout the chromatographic column, enabling a controlled and stable...
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