Claisen Head U Shape Adapter
Claisen Head U shape Adapter

Claisen Head U Shape Adapter

$35.98 $29.98

Socket Size: 24/29

SKU: 15.00.0501U

The Claisen Head U Shape Adapter is essential for organic chemistry and experimental setups. Its U-shaped design allows multiple glassware components to be connected, enabling various chemical reactions or distillations. These adapters are strong to handle laboratory applications, offering excellent thermal shock resistance.

Claisen Head Adapter Parallel Neck made of Borosilicate Glass.

Item Code Cone Fitting Flask Socket Fitting  Socket Fitting Condenser Pcs/PK
15.00.0501U 24/29 24/29 24/29 1
15.00.0502U 34/35 34/35 34/35 1

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Socket Size

24/29, 34/35
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