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PTFE Crucibles -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$29.98 – $39.98
PTFE crucibles are invaluable assets in laboratories requiring containers with corrosion-resistant and inert properties. They are chemical resistance, making them suitable for handling a wide range of acids, bases, and...
Slide Storage Racks, Holds 100 Slides
This Slide Storage Rack store up to 100 microscope slides in laboratories. Expertly crafted, the rack provides security and organization for slides used in pathology, histology, and microbiology. It ensures...
L Shape Spreader, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
The L Shape Spreader crafted from Polypropylene is an essential tool especially in microbiology and cell culture. Its L-shaped design renders it optimal for evenly spreading materials like agar, bacteria...
Molecular Sets Senior Model -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
The Molecular Sets Senior Model is a vital educational tool for chemistry students and teachers alike. Its wide selection of atoms, bonds, and connectors make it possible to construct accurate...
Racks for 0.2ml PCR Tubes, Polycarbonate
Racks designed for 0.2ml PCR Tubes in Polycarbonate offer superior resistance to chemicals and long-term durability, helping optimize the storage and organization of PCR tubes during experiments. This rack, as...
Animal Feeding Bottles
$5.98 – $7.98
Animal Feeding Bottles are carefully designed to provide precise and regulated nourishment to animals in research or treatment settings. The nipples or teats recreate a natural feeding experience, making them...
Float Racks for Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Float Racks for Micro Centrifuge Tubes Polypropylene are durable and chemically resistant and provide a reliable storage and organization solution for labs. Capable of withstanding extended use, these racks guarantee...
Disposable Plastic Syringe Bulk No Needle
$14.30 – $57.20
Disposable Plastic Syringe Bulk No Needle is essential for accurate liquid dispensing in microbiology labs, which makes precise measurements and volume preparation for microbiological cultures easier. These syringes are also...
Reagent Reservoir
$6.09 – $9.98
Reagent Reservoirs are must-haves in labs, providing reliable liquid dispensing with accuracy and speed. Offering a range of capacities, these reservoirs come in single and multi-channel designs to meet multiple...
Rotatable Multi rack
The Rotatable Multi Rack store and provide access to tubes, vials, and other small containers. Its rotational design, enable scientists to conveniently access materials from any angle without having to...
Serum & Sample Cryogenic Tubes, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$9.98 – $46.98
  Serum Sample Cryogenic Tubes Polypropylene are essential for the safe and long-term storage of valuable biological specimens in laboratory settings. These tubes are durable, chemical resistant and guarantee sample...
Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$29.98 – $99.98
Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes Polypropylene chemical resistant. Resilient enough to withstand rigorous centrifugation processes, these tubes are reliable and versatile, making them suitable for a variety of lab settings and...

Our major lab Plasticware range is manufactured by Polylab (India).

We stock Autoclavable, long-life, laboratory Plasticware or lab equipment’s including Measuring Jugs, Storage Containers, Beakers, Retort Stands, Reagent bottles, Plastic Burettes, Pipettes, PTFE magnetic Stirrer bars, Centrifuge Tubes, Animal Cages, Atomic Model Sets, Funnels, Desiccators, Cryo Vials, Cryo-Boxes, Flask Stands, Fisher Clamps, Dropping Bottles, Animal Feeding Bottles, Draining Racks, Kipp’s Apparatus, Miro TIP  boxes, MCT Boxes, Petri Dishes, Pipette Pumps, Scintillation vials, Pipette Bulbs, Pipette stands, stirring rods, PTFE stopcocks, Stool Containers, Micro Test Plates, Measuring Cylinders, Sterilized specimen  containers, Staining boxes, Test Tube stands. This range of plasticware is made of Polypropylene, PTFE, TPX, Polystyrene, HDPE, LDPE and polycarbonate.

Our products are widely used in various industry like Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Environmental Monitoring, Academic & Research Institutes, Diagnostic Kits, Life Sciences, Molecular Science, Farming, Fisheries, Energy oil refineries, Automobile Industry, Winery, Distilleries, Chemistry Lab, Concrete Solutions, Medical Center, Hospital, Nursing Home, Schools, and Universities.
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