Reagent Reservoir

Reagent Reservoirs


Size: 50ml

SKU: P79131

Reagent Reservoirs are must-haves in labs, providing reliable liquid dispensing with accuracy and speed. Offering a range of capacities, these reservoirs come in single and multi-channel designs to meet multiple laboratory requirements. Made of durable materials such as polypropylene, Reagent Reservoirs offer superior chemical resistance and are compatible with many lab reagents. Their sturdy design ensures stability during pipetting, reducing the chance of spills and contamination.

Universal Reagent Reservoir 50ML - SKU: P79131

Reagent Reservoir manufactured by PolyLab India. Universal reagent reservoirs are graduated and autoclavable, capacity 50ml. Ideal for multichannel pipettes.

Reagent Reservoir 75ml -SKU79121

Reagent Reservoirs 75ml are ideal for single-channel pipettes.  

Material: Polypropylene

Pack Size 1Pc/Pk

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50ml, 75ml
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