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Beaker Chain Clamp -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$46.00 $39.00
Our Beaker Chain Clamp is an absolute must for efficient and dependable lab work. Constructed with accuracy and sturdiness in mind, it firmly secures beakers for reliable support in experiments....
Double Burette Clamps, Fisher Type Holder, Chrome Plated Steel -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
The Double Burette Clamps provide unparalleled precision for laboratory titration, ideal for researchers demanding superior control and accuracy. These clamps provide outstanding strength and durability even in demanding lab environments....
Laboratory Jack Scissor Lifts Mild Steel
$107.00 – $301.00
Laboratory Jack Scissor Lifts Mild Steel are essential in laboratories for precise equipment placement. Constructed from durable mild steel, the lifts are resilient and built to last, even in demanding...
47mm Vacuum Filter Holder Stainless Steel
The Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter Holder 47mm is a must-have for lab filtration, designed with superior stainless steel for reliability and durability. Ideal for a multitude of filtration tasks, its...
Thermometer Clamp Aluminium/Copper
$18.00 $12.00
Thermometer Clamp in Aluminium/Copper is an essential tool for accurate temperature readings in the laboratory. This ensures corrosion-resistant stability for anchoring your thermometer while performing experiments. It's also adjustable, providing...
Pendulum Clamp
$16.00 $8.00
The Pendulum Clamp is suitable for precise positioning of pendulum-type equipment. Researchers and educators will find the clamp invaluable due to its secure grip and stability, minimizing any potential disturbances...
Ceramic Combustion Tubes
Ceramic Combustion Tubes function as a crucial part of numerous laboratory combustion processes. These tubes boast excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemical wear. This durability grants them with a...
Alcohol Burner Spare Wick
1 pc / pack2 pc / pack5 pc / pack10 pc / pack20 pc / pack50 pc / pack100 pc / pack
$1.00 – $39.00
An Alcohol Burner Spare Wick replaces the one that has become degraded, unusable, or is otherwise not functioning effectively. A well-functioning wick is key for safe operation with the alcohol burner. Its...
$5.00 – $8.00
Clamp Spherical Joint serves a vital role in affixing and steadying lab equipment, especially cylindrical objects or glassware. This clamp offers extensive rotary mobility and fine-tuning thanks to its spherical...
Beehive Shelf Porcelain
$3.00 – $5.00
Beehive Shelf Porcelain can be used to securely hold a receptacle or tube while gas is collected above a water-filled pneumatic trough. This accessory is designed to provide a stable...
Cork Borer brass Rod
$103.00 $77.00
The Cork Borer Brass Rod is an indispensable tool for carrying out precision cork-boring projects in labs and classrooms. This rod is designed to be exceptionally robust, delivering stability and...
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