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Dissecting Needle Aluminium Straight Fine Point
The Dissecting Needle Aluminium Straight Fine Point is an essential tool for precision dissection tasks in various fields such as research, education, and medicine. Its fine point allows for the...
Dissecting Instrument Set of 7
A Dissecting Instrument Set of 7 is a must-have for those working in scientific and laboratory settings, particularly those in fields like biology, anatomy, and pathology. This set usually contains...
Dissecting Instrument Set of 4
A Dissecting Kit Set of 4 is essential in scientific and laboratory environments, especially for disciplines such as Biology and Anatomy. This set typically includes a dissecting scissors, forceps, a...
Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout
The Displacement Vessel Metal With Spout, a common device used in laboratory experiments, is specifically designed to showcase principles related to the displacement of various liquids, including water. This apparatus...
Constantan Eureka Wire
$32.50 – $37.70
The Constantan Eureka Wire is composed of the Constantan alloy, which is a combination of copper and nickel. This unique alloy has a low thermal conductivity and a high electrical...
Conductivity Rods Set of 6
The Conductivity Rods Set of 6 offer a great teaching resource for high school and college classrooms. It provides students with the opportunity to apply electrical conductivity theories in practice...
Blow Pipe Mouth Stainless Steel
The Blow Pipe Mouth Stainless Steel falls under laboratory accessories or equipment, specifically in analytical chemistry and materials science. It is designed to enable precise, controlled delivery of air/gas in...
Alcohol Burner Spare Wick
1 pc / pack2 pc / pack5 pc / pack10 pc / pack20 pc / pack50 pc / pack100 pc / pack
$0.80 – $50.00
An Alcohol Burner Spare Wick replaces the one that has become degraded, unusable, or is otherwise not functioning effectively. A well-functioning wick is key for safe operation with the alcohol burner. Its...
$5.50 – $10.50
Spherical Joint Clamp serves a vital role in affixing and steadying lab equipment, especially cylindrical objects or glassware. This clamp offers extensive rotary mobility and fine-tuning thanks to its spherical...
Density Cubes
$4.03 – $19.50
Density Cubes are scientific and educational tool. Its exact measurements are important for conducting experiments and calculating density. Physics labs use cubes of known dimensions to explore mass, volume, and density...
Beehive Shelf Porcelain
$3.30 – $5.50
Beehive Shelf Porcelain can be used to securely hold a receptacle or tube while gas is collected above a water-filled pneumatic trough. This accessory is designed to provide a stable...
Cork Borer brass Rod
$134.98 $99.98
The Cork Borer Brass Rod is an indispensable tool for carrying out precision cork-boring projects in labs and classrooms. This rod is designed to be exceptionally robust, delivering stability and...
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