All Glass Filtration Assembly

All Glass Filtration Assembly

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An All-Glass Filtration Assembly is a necessary element for laboratory filtering operations. 

The All Glass Filtration Assembly 47mm complete set is a laboratory apparatus used for filtering liquids in chemical and biological applications. The set typically includes a glass funnel, a glass fritted filter base, a glass vacuum adapter, and a glass clamp. The glass funnel is used to hold the filter paper, which traps the solid particles from the liquid being filtered. The fritted filter base provides a porous surface for the liquid to pass through while retaining the solid particles. The vacuum adapter is used to connect the filtration assembly to a vacuum source, which helps to draw the liquid through the filter paper and fritted base. The glass clamp secures the funnel and fritted base together to ensure a tight seal.

The All Glass Filtration Assembly 47mm complete set is designed for filtering liquids with a volume of up to 1 litre. The 47mm size refers to the diameter of the fritted filter base, which is suitable for filtering small to medium-sized volumes of liquid.

This type of filtration assembly is commonly used in chemical and biological laboratories for applications such as sample preparation, purification, and analysis. It is particularly useful for separating solid particles from liquids, such as in the preparation of samples for chromatography or other analytical techniques.

  • 300mm (approx.) Borosilicate Glass Funnel
  • 1000ml Borosilicate Flask
  • 47mm diameter membrane
  • sintered disk
  • Metal Clip

Pack Size: 1 Full Set
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