Retort Stands Burette Stand- Mild Steel


Base Size: 150X100MM

SKU: 13.00.1521

Retort Stands Burette Stand- Mild Steel offer a reliable platform for use in chemistry and biology labs. These stands are trusted components in laboratory setups, providing a steady base for experiments, titrations, and distillations. They are durable and can withstand long-term use in a variety of scientific environments.

Retort Stand is made of Mild Steel and powder coated Rod with L-Key as per DIN standard. The Solid Base will assist in making sure that stand doesn’t tip and the rod will support burettes or other lab apparatus. For easy storage, these stands can be unassembled by unscrewing the rod.

Brand: Lalco.

Packing: 1 Pc/Pk.

Item Code Base Size (mm) Rod Length x Dia. (mm)
13.00.1521 150 x 100 500 x 12
13.00.1522 200 x 125 600 x 12
13.00.1523 225 x 150 750 x 12
13.00.1524 250 x 150 750 x 12
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Base Size

150X100MM, 200X125MM, 225X150MM, 250X150MM
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