Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Flask and Head

Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Flask and Head


Capacity (ml): 1ml

SKU: 15.00.0811CTH

The Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Flask and Head is a basic part of laboratory equipment used for the regulated distribution of reagents or liquids in scientific experiments.

This includes a glass flask with a head containing a dispensing tap and a delivery tube. It is commonly employed for accurate, regulated distribution of liquids in laboratory scenarios, particularly in chemistry and analytical pursuits.

Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser is manufactured from BOROSILICATE 3.3 GLASS. This Dispenser comes with a 250ml conical flask with a joint size of 24/29. One can tilt the flask back to fill to the designated volume and forward to dispense. A keck clip to hold the flask and tilt will be provided.

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Packing: 1Pc/Pk

Item Code Capacity (ml) Pcs/Pk. Flask
15.00.0811CTH 1 ml 1 150ml - 24/29
15.00.0812CTH 5 ml 1 150ml - 24/29
15.00.0813CTH 10 ml 1 150ml - 24/29
15.00.0814CTH 15 ml 1 250ml - 24/29
15.00.0815CTH 20 ml 1 250ml - 24/29
15.00.0816CTH 25 ml 1 250ml - 24/29
15.00.0817CTH 30 ml 1 500ml - 24/29
15.00.0818CTH 50 ml 1 500ml - 24/29
15.00.0819CTH 100 ml 1 1000ml - 24/29
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