Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitor

Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitor with Square Plates

SKU: SE.EM0938-001
The Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitors is a type of capacitor used in electrical circuits for storing and releasing electrical energy. These are essential in applications related to electricity and magnetism, requiring high voltage, high energy, and minimal dielectric losses.
This Item Includes:
  • 2 Flat Plate aluminium conductors, 200 x 200 mm square
  • 2 Flat Plate aluminium conductors, 283 x 283 mm square
  • 1 Base with scale up to 160mm gap
  • 1 Acrylic plate, 3mm thick, 290x290mm
  • 1 Glass plate, 3mm thick, 290x290mm
This design allows for easy removal and adjustment of plate sizes from 1mm to 120mm, corresponding to a range of 300pF to 2pF (picofarads). Additionally, the circuit is safeguarded against accidental contact between the plates, and sturdy feet ensure stability while 4mm sockets provide reliable electrical connections.
Product Code: SE.EM0938-001
Dimensions: 240mm (L) x 75mm (W) x 70mm (H)
Weight: 0.42 kg
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