Absorbers for Radiation Study

Absorbers For Radiation Study Set of 24 With Holder

SKU: SE.AP0030-001

Absorbers For Radiation Study Set of 24 With Holder allows for the analysis of radioactive energy absorption. This set is designed to attenuate or absorb radiation from sources like gamma rays or X-rays, with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on material and thickness. This set contains 24 absorbers, each measuring 50mm square and made from various materials such as tissue paper, aluminum foil, sheet and plate, and lead foil, up to 12mm thick. 

Each absorber comes labeled with its density in grams per square centimeter. Kit contains plastic plates for holding absorbers in place when used in a castle. Also included is a holder for positioning both the absorber and radioactive source in the horizontal plane, making them ready for experiments.

The holder consists of a sturdy spring-loaded plunger and base, ensuring that both the radioactive source and absorber remain in constant, reproducible positions for accurate experimentation. Along with the absorbers, the set also includes three plastic plates designed to support the thick lead plates in the Fisher universal castle.

The specifications for each absorber and information on radioactive sources are in the instruction sheet below.

*Kit contains holder for absorbers and for radioactive sources behind the absorber.

Product Code:  SE.AP0030-001
Weight:  3.3kg
Packaging: sturdy card box w/separators

Read Instruction Sheet

Read information on Radioactive Sources

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